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5 Benefits of a Strategic and Consultative B2B Partnership

Whether they are business owners or managers in larger organizations, those in leadership positions tend to be entrepreneurial and independent. If you are part of this group, you make it a priority to be a resource for your superiors and direct reports, but who is available when you need guidance or assistance. Forming strategic and consultative B2B partnerships can provide benefits you may miss when you go it alone. 

Here are five benefits you will realize when you reach out to B2B partners 

Sounding Board 

Have an idea, but you’re not sure if it will work? Frustrated at the office and need to vent? Do you have problems that you cannot seem to untangle yourself? Partnerships can help. They can provide a unique third-party perspective. If you are too close to the issue, they can help you step back and gain the insight of a 10,000-foot view. Perhaps best of all, you can vent to an outsider without the risk of discussing complex issue with someone inside the organization before you are fully prepared. 

Shared Resources 

If you or your partner purchase a product or service that you do not need to use 100% of the time, you can share it with your partner as needed. An example might be a courier or car service or perhaps a contract employee with specific expertise. There is no sense in letting resources go idle when they can be employed elsewhere. You can also exchange recommendations for vendors you have found reliable. 

Gain Expertise 

In today’s information age, it’s impossible to know everything and frankly, a waste of time to try. If your specialty is technology, for example, why not add some colleagues to your circle who work in the legal field or marketingUsing their direct expertise as a resource can be more valuable than googling. 

Economies of Scale 

When the time comes to purchase a product or service, it can be tough to negotiate a price you are happy with if your business is small. Combining forces with other companies puts each of you in a stronger bargaining position and is likely to lead to better results. Leveraging your combined interest gives you the power you would not have on your own. 

Offload Non-essentials 

Everyone has their own area of expertise. For example, hiring. Every business has to do it, but not everyone does it well. It takes time and patience. You need to know the right questions to ask and what not to ask. Partnering with a recruiting firm will allow you to rely on their subject area expertise while you focus on your business 

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