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Take An Honest Look at Your Career

When you are ready to take the next step in your career, start by honestly assessing your career. Is it where you want it to be? Often employers will look at your resume to evaluate your work history will want to see that you have progressed logically and made smart decisions in your career. Do you like what you are doing now? The industry where you are working? If you want to see a change, how would you like it to change, and are you willing to put in the work?   

Evaluate your career progress  

If you are satisfied with your field but do not feel you have progressed as you should have, determine what steps you must take to get to the next level. If you can grow your career internally, you may need to express interest to your manager to find out the next step. Your manager can help you decide on your next step. You may be ready for the next promotion that becomes available. If not, you may need to add to your education either by building skills through online classes or by returning for a new degree. It is also possible that you will need to change companies to progress in your career, especially if you have worked in the same position, at the same company for a long time, people have difficulty perceiving you in a different role. If this is the case, you might need to move to another company even if this makes means taking a lateral role.   

Why do you want to make a change?  

Would you like to increase your income, make a complete career switch, or take your career to the next level? Find out what it will take to land the job of your dreams. Investigate online advertisements for target positions. What qualifications, experience, and background are you expected to have in those roles? Can you reconfigure your current experience to fit into those requirements? Identify the gaps and take steps to fill them. Consider how you can demonstrate how your current experience relates to the position of interest.   

Investigate your options  

If you are not sure about what you’d like your next position to be or if you are afraid to take the risk of a making complete career change, consider pursuing contract-to-hire positions. These positions give you a chance to try a job before you commit to it and provides the employer with an opportunity to evaluate your skills before they extend an offer. You can get honest feedback from the employer to decide if this is the right kind of job for you and get a real-life view of what it’s like to work in that role, rather than an idealized version that you might have.  

Work with a career partner  

One of the best ways to honestly evaluate your career is by working with a staffing and recruiting firm. They can sit down with you to assess your resume and help you discover the best options for you. If you find that your current career path has stagnated, a recruiter can identify opportunities in industries and positions that are growing and in demand. They can help you rework your resume to make you more attractive to employers in those sectors. To learn more about what a career partner can do for you, contact the professionals at The Panther Group.

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