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3 Workplace Flexibility and Leave Concepts That Are Now A Part of the National Discussion

3 Workplace Flexibility and Leave Concepts That Are Now A Part of the National Discussion - The Panther Group

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed the need for a more flexible approach to workforce management. Companies suddenly found that if they wanted to keep their best people happy, productive and on the team, they needed to be adaptable. The weaknesses the virus revealed don’t exist in a vacuum. Smart policies developed now will transfer to future efforts and go a long way toward retaining and attracting top talent.

Working From Home

For many companies, this is a significant part of how they are able to sustain their business. But when the pandemic has passed, it may be a smart addition to your workforce options. This flexibility can save employees time and money and often improve focus. It also means there are no geographical limitations to where you can recruit talent, allowing you to raise your standards.

Flexible Hours

Offering flexible hours provides an advantage to both you and the employee. Your team members are able to build a schedule that accommodates their family or personal obligations. While it’s to their advantage to have time for child or elder care or continuing education, you get added flexibility as well. You may be able to extend the hours that you can serve your customers or add employees with specialized skills to your team through job sharing.

Voluntary Leave

In most cases, leave will be the worst-case scenario. Often with a flexible enough approach, leave isn’t necessary. Employees with a flexible schedule can achieve work-life balance without needing to leave their job. They can take care of family or other obligations and still get their work done and move forward in their careers. If leave is needed, it will be appreciated and further engender loyalty.

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