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Sustainable Development Of Your Team and Business’s Diversity Goals

Sustainable Development Of Your Team and Business's Diversity Goals - The Panther Group

The modern workplace cannot be contained inside the borders of one region. In today’s inter-connected world, it makes no sense to leave exceptional talent on the table just because the individual is located on the other side of the country from the employer. The problem is this reality makes the job market even more competitive for U.S. workers. How can employers strike a balance?

How To Sustain Your DE&I Strategy

Access to Talent

While you may need local talent for many role, 2020 has shown us that there are many jobs that can successfully be occupied and managed, remotely.  Companies were virtually forced to adapt in order to stay profitable or even stay open.  With access to nationwide talent, companies can now work with highly-qualified employees who are very comfortable ad productive in a remote capacity.

Broaden Your Pool

Companies mistakenly believe that if they have one diverse candidate among their finalists, they have done their part to encourage diversity and the chances of a diverse hire. Studies by the University of Colorado have indicated that, to make genuine inroads in diverse hiring, it’s essential to have more than one diverse candidate on the shortlist. This phenomenon, known as the two-in-the-pool effect, shows that if just one diverse candidate is considered for a position, there is no higher likelihood they would be hired, but when more than one is included, their chance of being hired increases. This outcome holds for both gender and race.

Work With Partners

Create a diversity committee within your organization to make diversity a priority. Their imperative should go beyond checking boxes to truly recognizing how much diversity can bring to organizations, so choose your committee members carefully. Part of the charter should be to work with organizations such as National Minority Supplier Development Council, UnidosUS, National Association of Asian American Professionals, or National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC). These organizations can bring depth and breadth to your recruiting efforts difficult to achieve on your own. Another alternative is to work with a staffing and recruitment firm specializing in diversity, such as The Panther Group.

The Panther Group Diversity Commitment

As a global company, Panther understands the importance of an inclusive workplace. We value the differences that each of our employees and clients brings and strive to make The Panther Group a better place to work for our team. Our commitment extends not only to those who work for our company, but also the vendors, suppliers, and service partners we choose to do business with.

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