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Companies Should Put DE&I First – Here’s Why

Companies Should Put DE&I First - Here's Why - The Panther Group

Many companies are seeing the wisdom in bringing diversity to their workforce at every level. Unfortunately, some organizations don’t know the benefit of making diversity, equity and inclusion a top priority and instead treat it as just another item on their to-do list. Here’s why smart companies put DE&I first. 

The Power of Placing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – First

Diversity Offers Benefits At Every Level 

From the board room to employees to the community, an inclusive environment can improve your brand, increase morale, improve retention and boost your bottom line. 

Where Can A DE&Focus Have The Most Impact? 

Ideally, DE&I will be integrated at every level, from long-range strategic planning to on-boarding materials to how you interact with customers. Some areas of your organization are likely to be especially well-served by a diversity focus. 

Learning & Development

Incorporating information on the benefits of diversity and your company’s commitment to inclusiveness into training and development programs is critical to embedding DE&I into the fabric of the organization. When employees see the time and resources you dedicate to education them on DE&I and developing diverse individuals, it shows the company culture they are a part of 

Community Involvement

Don’t keep DE&I a secret only to be discussed internally. While you shouldn’t issue press releases about diversity that are all talk, no action, you can share with the community what you are doing to build a more diverse workforce. It will improve recruiting and reflect positively on your brand 

Recruitment and Hiring

Making DE&I a priority can help attract the best and most diverse talent to your organization. Companies that don’t make an effort to recruit from an inclusive candidate base limit their options, missing out on individuals who can have a positive impact on the business. 

“Caring” About Diversity Is Not Enough 

Develop strategies and take action to make a real difference. Promoting DE&I by hiring a more diverse staff is a good start. Take the next step by adding executive diversity roles to your company. These positions must come with genuine authority and visibility. Don’t create positions performatively that are just window-dressing with no real impact.  

Start Training At The Top  

Without buy-in at the highest level, your diversity program will have no traction. Fill the highest-level diversity positions first. Employees at other levels will feel welcome from the start and are more likely to stay and be engagedDiversity makes organizations stronger, more resilient and better able to adapt to new challenges. 

Don’t Let Current Conditions Slow You Down.  

Some companies are so stressed by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic they have back-burnered their diversity efforts. This can be a costly mistake. The more diverse your workforce, the more resilient your organization is in times of crisis. Diversity of experience and thought gives you a wider range of potential responses to challenges.  

The Panther Group Diversity Commitment 

Panther understands the importance of an inclusive workplace and are committed to helping our employer partners prepare for the diverse future of business 

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