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Panther Cares Nominates Year Up As A Charitable Organization of Excellence!

Panther Cares Year Up

Panther team member Courtney Carrier nominated Year Up for the Panther Cares charitable organization based on the following factors: 

  • They have similar core values to The Panther Group 
  • They have a similar commitment to Diversity that The Panther Group has
  • They have tangible results in their mission of empowering young adults that otherwise would not have the opportunity to succeed

Here’s Why Year Up Was Nominated, In Courtney’s Own Words:

Year Up I first learned about Year Up when looking for an entrylevel IT support person to work at Total Technical Services. I contacted them looking for possible candidates from their technology program (one of many they offer). 

I was introduced to their program that takes young adults from diverse backgrounds who do not have the opportunity to grow or develop their abilities and offers them the training that they otherwise would not get based on their “Zip Code” or other biases.  

Their organizational commitment to diversity and other core values is similar to The Panther Core Values. Not just the young adults they serve, but in their organizational makeup and leadership; “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion” (from the diversity page on their website).  

As a technology professional, I am encouraged by their commitment to empower people who, because of their economic, cultural, or geographic backgrounds, otherwise would not have the opportunity to pursue a career in IT, Finance, Software Development, and Support, Business, and other Professional fields. 

They not only have a dedication to preparing their students in the careers that they are pursuing but prepare them to be professional with their presentation, interpersonal skills, and other intangibles that enable them to succeed. 

My personal experience with Year Up is related to the person we hired from their program. Joe came from a disadvantaged background, and because of that, he never had the opportunities that would allow him to pursue the career he wanted. He excelled at the tasks he was given while working with us and had a desire to learn more about the IT industry every day. I was impressed with the professionalism he learned in the Year Up program, which he said they treated as equally as important to the skills he was learning, something that a privileged college degree does not offer. 

 About Year Up 

Year Up’s mission is to close the Opportunity Divide by ensuring that young adults gain the skills, experiences, and support that will empower them to reach their potential through careers and higher education. To learn more, visit the Year Up website. 

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