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Creating Positive Change in a Business Requires Good Leadership and Adaptability

Creating Positive Change in a Business Requires Good Leadership and Adaptability The Panther Group

Change is inevitable in any business. Organizations that don’t adapt to change will fail to thrive and grow. How can you lead your team to see change as positive? 

Change often makes people uncomfortable. Handled improperly, it can cause resistance. People get into habits – a “this is the way it’s always been done” mindset. How can you break your team free of this stagnation and encourage them to welcome change and adapt? Show them the benefits of change in the workplace.  

What can positive change bring to your business? 


Companies that don’t innovate will soon be out of business. That’s why it’s so important to teach your team to adapt. Practice what you preach by actively soliciting ideas from all of your team members. Put the viable ones into action, too. Contributions will soon dry up if employees don’t see any of their ideas being implemented.  

New Skills 

Building skills makes employees more valuable both within the organization and in their own professional portfolio. Don’t let fear of losing good employees prevent you from keeping their training up to date. You only hurt yourself by not encouraging them to be at their best. Offering training in the latest technologies and industry innovations or best practices can often help to retain good people.  

New Business  

Change is inevitable in growing a business. Bringing in new customers or opening new avenues of business each require change to make the space to accommodate themYour leadership can help manage that change so it doesn’t seem like a burden or inconvenience to your team 

New Products 

Bringing on new product lines, updating current products or phasing out obsolete ones all require training. Explaining the reasoning behind the change can make it easier for them to adjust. Train them thoroughly on the new products so they become as comfortable with the new ones as they were with the old.  

New Ownership 

Mergers and acquisitions can be among the most difficult changes to manage. Employees are worried that their jobs will change, or they will lose them entirely. Be open with employees about what they can expect, but don’t make promises you can’t keep. Whether your company is purchased, joins with another, or acquires a competitor, change is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be disruptive.  

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