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How To Navigate Your Engineering Career Path

How To Navigate Your Engineering Career Path

Whether you’re just beginning your engineering career or are established in your field, it’s essential to take control of your future. It’s easy to take what seems like a great job early on and move forward with promotions or new projects as they arise. But consider if your career trajectory is progressing as you would like or if you need to make changes to get you on your preferred track

Create Actionable Goals

How do you want your career to unfold? If you wish to do your work as an individual contributor or as part of a team, there are plenty of options. You can establish yourself with one company and stay for the long term or keep an eye out for better opportunities. If you’re interested in becoming a manager, you may need to take a more strategic approach. When you’re conducting research on a company or during the interview, find out if they have a management training program or a commitment to promoting from within. This information can help you make smarter decisions about which job offer to accept. Project or contract work is an excellent option for people who enjoy flexibility, variety or wish to explore a few options before settling into a long-term opportunity.

What did Kimberly say about working with us?

I had an very good experience with the Panther group from start to finish. All the Recruiters I worked with were very helpful. Kimberly F. Kimberly F – June 30, 2021

Know How to Level Up

Some companies have a rigid structure they follow that includes job titles such As Junior Engineer, Engineer 1, Engineer 2, Senior Engineer, Team Lead, or similar terms. Other companies may formalize their career path and you may have to build a pathway to your goals. Either way, there will be metrics and parameters you will be expected to meet before being considered for the next step. Find out how you can become eligible by examining job descriptions or speaking to your manager to see what experience or training you need to add to your resume.

Find a Mentor

A trusted advocate who can offer advice and guidance can be an essential part of your career path. Reach out to someone within your company or in your network who has walked the path you hope to tread. They can provide tips to help you progress along your chosen course or even offer alternatives you may not have considered. They may even be able to share their network with you and put you directly in touch with decision-makers in the field.

 Work With a Career Partner

For more than 25 years, The Panther Group has helped engineering professionals find jobs that match their career goals. Panther has built lasting relationships with employers all over the United States. If you are looking for your next career opportunity, we can help you make useful connections. We have access to a wide range of engineering opportunities, many of which are exclusive and never advertised. When you’re ready to see just where your skills and experience can take you, contact The Panther Group.

Some of the engineering jobs we fill include:

  • Aerospace Engineers
  • Application Engineers
  • Automotive Engineers
  • Boiler Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Controls Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Designers and Drafters
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Electro-Mechanical Engineers
  • Firmware Engineers
  • Hardware Engineers
  • I&C Engineers
  • Industrial Engineers
  • Instrumentation Engineers
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Marine Engineers
  • Materials Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Naval Architects
  • Packaging Engineers
  • Piping Engineers
  • Process Engineers
  • Quality Engineers
  • Reliability Engineers
  • RF Engineers
  • Security Engineers
  • Software Engineers
  • Stationary Engineers
  • Stress Engineers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Systems Engineers
  • Wastewater Engineers
  • and more

Looking to make a change to your engineering career in 2021? 

At The Panther Group, our recruiting team works with a wide variety of employers who are hiring for rewarding engineering careers. Whether you are ready to try something new or just want to find out what options are available to you, we would be happy to help!

There is no cost to finding a job through us here at TPG! We serve the following industries: ProfessionalAccounting & FinanceEngineeringLife SciencesInformation TechnologyFederal.

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