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Managing Your Team and Business Post COVID – What’s Your Plan?

Managing Your Team and Business Post COVID - What's Your Plan? The Panther Group

The pandemic caught nearly everyone off guard, but staffing firms brought unique expertise to the new challenges businesses face. Chances are you’re continuing to experience new challenges and opportunities and challenges in the pandemic and its aftermath. If you would like expert assistance, contact the specialists at The Panther Group.

5 Team Management Concepts to Consider

Many of the strategies that worked well before the start of the pandemic may not work now.

What were your primary sources of revenue before the pandemic? Have they changed? Can any additional revenue sources be incorporated? For example, if your pre-COVID focus was cybersecurity for large corporations and developed solutions that would function in a distributed workplace, can you expand and refine those offerings for companies that continue as hybrid or remote-first establishments going forward.

How has your Management Style Changed?

And how does your team want to be managed? If you were in the habit of managing by way of direct interaction, in person, even employees who were happy to return to the office might feel less motivated by this behavior. If employees were productive while working remotely, allowing them to continue to be a bit more independence could be better for you and your team. After all, knowing your employees can thrive with a bit of direction and minimal supervision frees you to focus on other priorities as well.

How has your Business Changed?

Your strategies and management style may need to adapt to the way your customers prefer to do business as well as how your employees prefer to work. Many consumers of goods and services have found it more efficient to order online or interact via video. Employees may need to be reallocated or trained to make the most of these new and changing business opportunities.

What Obstacles can you Anticipate?

For example, there are still many issues with the supply chain. Do you need employees to find new ways to get the materials you need? Will you need to change the products you offer to make better use of what is available to you? If you shifted to offering different products or services during the pandemic, consider which ones make sense to consider and which no longer make sense.

Retain Flexibility in the Event Conditions Change

If your team is back in the office, don’t lean too hard into the commitment to on-site work. Conditions continue to change regularly. Be prepared to shift back to remote work if the need arises. Being open to both in-person and remote work being valid options enables you to transition as needed without business interruption. Continue to improve practices and resources that make working from home as efficient as coming to the office.

COVID-19 is not the only reason remote work may become necessary. If your business is located in an area prone to natural, weather related occurances, remote work can allow employees to work from anywhere when the office or even their home office is unavailable. You can cast a wider recruiting net when you have no geographic limitations to hiring and can even locate your core business in a lower rent area if you choose.

Are you looking for strategies to adapt to a post-COVID workplace? 

A trusted staffing firm can give you the agility and resilience or to keep up with conditions that appear to change daily and bounce back from any challenge thrown your way. Contact The Panther Group today for assistance.

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