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Unstoppable Leadership: Why The Leader of the Future Is an Influencer

Unstoppable Leadership: Why The Leader of the Future Is an Influencer - The Panther Group

Today’s employees expect more from their managers. They may have once accepted they would have a boss; they now want a leader to learn from who is invested in their continued success. An influencer leader can help them along their career path through their own experience. Getting the most from your team requires being an open book and showing how they can reach the same level of success.

What does this leadership style look like? How can it help managers succeed?

Thought Leadership

Managers must be thought leaders. Like social media influencers, they build a following in the form of loyal employees. As thought leaders, they lead by example and present themselves as someone employees will want to emulate. Clear direction for tasks and assignments is essential to day-to-day operations. As an influencer, they will also share their knowledge, philosophies, and motivation to inspire others to success.

Growth Mindset

Leaders of the future must not treat professional development like a reverse funnel with only so much room at the top. Instead, they assume there are unlimited opportunities for people to develop their job skills and leadership potential. This ensures companies will always have the leaders and potential leaders needed to grow and innovate.


Regular and open communication is essential in building engaged teams and moving forward as an organization. Influencer leaders update employees regularly on company goals, challenges, and dynamics and help employees feel a part of a larger mission. Frequent communication from leadership can keep people invested in the company’s success.

How does influencer leadership impact your team?

Increased Loyalty

It’s tough to build loyalty when employees don’t feel their companies return it in kind. While it’s impossible to promise someone they will always have a place in the company, leaders can show them they are invested in the long-term future of their people. Whether their career remains within the organization or not, it’s likely to increase loyalty and engagement.

Boosted Productivity

Employees inspired by their leaders are more likely to be engaged and motivated because they see how their jobs fit into the big picture, that it’s more than just a do-to list to check off. They will see the value in upskilling and professional development to make a long-term impact on their careers and the organization as a whole. They can see that their day-to-day productivity will have a positive impact on their future.


An influencer-led organization is more likely to focus on results, keeping employees accountable for what they get done rather than focused on punching a clock. Employees with more autonomy appreciate the freedom they are given and are likely to continue earning it.

Critical Thinking Skills

Autonomous employees need leaders who will train them to make smart decisions, so they are ready to make them on their own when the time comes. Influencer leadership can have more positive results than a traditional hierarchical structure.

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