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How to Answer “What Are You Looking For in Your Next Job” in an Interview

How to Answer What Are You Looking For in Your Next Job in an Interview The Panther Group

What is the interviewer really asking? Typically, they want to get to know you and your professional goals better, but they also want to make sure that your interests mesh with the company’s. Turnover is frustrating and expensive for employers. They do their best to identify and avoid hiring individuals who are unlikely to stick around or those who show a high probability of being unhappy in the job.

So, how do you answer this question that could be the difference between getting the job offer and continuing your search?

Start With Being Honest

Job interviews are a two-way street. If by the time you reach this point in the interview, you’re beginning to question if this job is the right one for you, don’t hesitate to follow your response with a clarifying question. For example, “I’m looking for a position with a company that’s innovative and not afraid to take risks. Does that sound like this company, or would you say you tend to be a little more traditional and conservative?”

There’s a chance you could knock yourself out of the running if your answer reveals differences in your goals or attitudes but taking a job that’s not a good fit can hurt you as much as it does the employer.

Be Sure You’ve Done Your Research

It will only make you look ill-prepared if you say you’re excited about working with a specific part of their industry if their focus is on another segment. Particularly if the information is easily available on their website. Learn everything you can about the company on their website, in the news and social media, especially LinkedIn.

Pay Attention to the Job Description

Review their job posting closely, breaking down the requirements one by one. Compare them to your own qualifications and interests and prepare answers that highlight that you’re the right fit for the job while remaining faithful to your own career goals. The company is looking for someone who does more than fill a vacancy; they also want to hire someone likely to stay and succeed in the company for the long run.

Don’t Be Afraid to Include Relevant Personal Interests

If your career has primarily been working as an accountant in large corporations, but you’ve always wanted to work for a smaller non-profit, you can talk about why. The interviewer might initially have concerns that you might not know what you’re in for with the career shift. If you’ve done a lot of volunteer work in similar organizations or the cause they support is close to your heart, they may be more confident in your candidacy.

Sharing something that has great meaning to you can help you stand out from other candidates, particularly if they have been providing boring “what I think the interviewer wants to hear” responses.

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