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Practical Reasons Why You Need To Build a Culture of Resilience Into Your Business

You Need To Build a Culture of Resilience Into Your Business - The Panther Group

In any business, change and stress are inevitable, but the ability to bounce back is what can keep your business and employees healthy and thriving. A culture of resiliency is one with a positive outlook without tipping over into toxic positivity. It supports spending more time solving problems than complaining about them. It keeps people from wallowing even when times are really dark. Resilience in the workplace makes challenges into a learning experience. It can strengthen bonds between coworkers and foster loyalty to the company, and increased engagement.

How To Build A Resilient Business

Prepare for Disruption

Right now, the COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to present ongoing challenges, both personal and professional. Attempts to address it are primarily reactive – closer to crisis management than resiliency training. But uncertainty can come from many causes, such as economic conditions or natural disasters. Whether your company has gone through a round of layoffs, or a flood leading to evacuations and damage, the business must go on. Resilience training takes a more proactive approach, preparing people to be ready to respond to the next crisis because there will always be another one.

Engage Leadership

Management sets the tone for a resilient workplace. Employees take their cues from you. If you appear to be excessively shaken up and unable to get your feet back under you, it will have a negative impact on performance, productivity, and engagement. Resilient managers lead in a way that fosters a positive attitude and resilience.

Resilient Leaders will:

  • Be transparent about the challenges faced
  • Be realistic but positive regarding plans to address
  • Set forward-thinking goals
  • Communicate with confidence
  • Recognize exceptional performance

Leaders who don’t take a resilient approach are more likely to be reactive, passive, and reluctant to make decisions and plan for the future.

Lead With Empathy

Managers must pay attention to the well-being of their team. Look for signs that employees are confused or overwhelmed. Note which employees seem unfazed. Are they coping well or simply in denial? Employees with high levels of resilience are better able to cope with stress. They are less likely to report burnout. They are also more engaged, happier with their jobs, and better able to see the big picture rather than being thrown off their game by adversity. They don’t give up easily and often positively impact their coworkers.

Train Your Team to be Resilient

While some people seem to be naturally resilient, it is a skill you can teach. Real work examples can help. Discuss how the team responded to a previous setback and how they could choose a better approach if a similar situation should arise again. It’s a worthwhile skill to learn, useful not just in the workplace but in life. People who learn resilience feel empowered and in control.

How Can Managers Best Teach Resilience?

Steer employees away from worst-case scenarios. Ask them instead to ponder the most likely outcomes. Do your best to remove sources of stress that you can control. For example, if you need to meet with an employee, tell them the meeting topic so they don’t worry they are being fired or disciplined when all you want is a project update or to thank them for a job well done. Focus on their strengths, both in how you assign tasks and how you provide feedback. Encourage employees to take care of themselves physically and medically, so they start with a strong baseline when they encounter a challenge.

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