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How Do I Develop Company Values That Transform Culture And Drive Revenue?             

How Do I Develop Company Values That Transform Culture And Drive Revenue?   The Panther Group

Company mission and values are top-down drivers of revenue and overall success. Company values provide a touchstone that allows managers to make consistent decisions and hire the right people. How can you develop these values, communicate them and live and work by them? It begins from the top down. Top executives must be fully supportive if you want to change the company culture and operate as a more values-driven organization. They should be involved in the decision-making process, be willing to communicate the company values and lead by example. 

Company Values – Cultural Transformation – How Does It Translate Into Revenue?

Bring in Stakeholders and Thinkers 

When companywide decisions are made, most businesses know to involve key decision-makers, but what about the people in your company who have great attitudes or great ideas? If they are not in positions of authority, they can easily be forgotten, but they can be helpful in distilling and reflecting your values as well as acting as ambassadors of your culture. Also, invite top performers – but only if they have ethical business practices and you feel they accurately reflect your company. For example, a high-performing sales representative with exceptional numbers but a “take no prisoners” attitude is unlikely to have anything positive to add to the values conversation. (It may also be time to discuss whether they have a place in the values-based company you are trying to build. 

Live and Work Your Values 

Company values must go deeper than a “Live, Laugh, Love” sign on a wall. They must drive behavior and the decisions you make. For example, if one of your values is sustainability, it should be easy to recycle, and you may have to turn away business from certain customers. Decisions like these can hurt your bottom line in the short run, but you’ll earn the respect (and business) of like-minded organizations. If one of your values is diversity, look around. Your website and marketing materials shouldn’t be more diverse than your company or vendor mix.   

Make Values-Based Hires 

Keep your values in mind when making hiring decisions. It can even mean passing on an A-player if they will have a negative impact on the work environment. Don’t tip too far in one direction. The danger of “hiring for fit” is engendering a homogenous workplace. Don’t be afraid to bring on an employee with a fresh viewpoint and innovative ideas. A little disruption is good for avoiding complacency. Just be careful that you’re only rocking the boat, not sinking it. 

Keep Everyone Accountable 

At every level, people need to know when their actions don’t align with the company’s values. By the same token, team members should be recognized when their behavior promotes your culture. A values-based culture can drive employee engagement, make your brand more cohesive and increase revenue. Work to achieve buy-in throughout the organization. 

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