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Panther Employee Engagement Tips That Work

Panther Employee Engagement Tips That Work The Panther Group

While it’s unlikely you can entirely protect your company from the growing number of resignations, making engagement a priority can enhance the employee experience. It is essential to making your company a great place to work. Such strategies that increase engagement can reduce turnover and encourage referrals – one of the most reliable sources of new hires. Try these proven engagement tips to increase job satisfaction and workplace morale.

4 Ways To Improve Employee Engagement, Productivity and Retention

1. Provide Clear Expectations

A common frustration reported by employees is they do not know what their managers expect of them. Leaders who know their employees appreciate autonomy can go too far, leaving employees so much to their own devices they don’t know if they are successful in their jobs. For most employees, the ideal situation is for their manager to give them a goal or measurable metric and allow them to decide how to accomplish it. The success of this model depends on employees having the resources they need and a clear definition of success.

2. Check-in Regularly

While allowing employees to achieve objectives independently is essential, that doesn’t mean you should abandon them entirely. Talk to them periodically to ensure they are on track and have the resources they need. Ideally, you should set a regular check-in schedule rather than stopping by their desk and expecting a full presentation they are unprepared to give. Your engagement demonstrates that you are invested in their success, and their efforts are appreciated.

3. Offer Feedback

Annual reviews are on their way out where they aren’t gone entirely. A more effective method of evaluating employees and providing feedback is by engaging with them more often to let them know how they are doing and what they can do better. Ongoing feedback can keep them on track or course-correct as needed. Employees want to hear they are doing a good job. The best employees also want to know what they can do better. Don’t hesitate to tell them they did a great job on a project, a customer praised their service, or to share a more efficient method of accomplishing a task.

4. Be Invested in Their Success

Get to know employees to understand their goals and understand any obstacles. Have regular meetings in person or via video to talk about what’s happening at work and in their personal lives. You don’t need to pry, but you should know how many kids they have if they care for elderly parents or play softball on the weekends. Be empathetic so they feel comfortable coming to you if anything on the job or at home prevents them from reaching their goals. It’s vital in keeping them engaged and happy on the job.

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