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Tips For Working in a Hybrid or Remote Job

Tips For Working in a Hybrid or Remote Job The Panther Group

Have you been hired at a company that’s employed you in a 100% fully remote position or a job where you are remote part of the time and on-site at least part of the time? There are some best practices for successfully navigating a remote or hybrid job.   

3 Tips For a Successful New Hybrid Job or Remote Career 

1. Follow the Leader

When you’re hired, you’ll go through some sort of onboarding and training to acclimate you to the company, its people, and its processes. As a remote or hybrid worker pay special attention to these trainings but especially what your new supervisor focuses on. Whether it’s a specific communication channel or pain point they mention a lot, make a note to place special attention to those issues as well. When you’re aligned with your leader, that allows you to focus on doing your job more effectively. Find consistent ways to communicate to your supervisor that you are aligned with their leadership. John Maxwell, leadership guru, said, “Diligent follow-up and follow-through will set you apart from the crowd and communicate excellence.” 

2. Stay Connected 

As a remote worker, it’s very easy to feel disconnected from the rest of your team if you don’t put energy into communicating well. Quickly identify the communication channels that your new company and your team uses to communicate. Take advantage of as many on-campus events or online socials as possible to stay connected and connect with the culture of the company. 

3. Use Tech Well 

If a company is hiring remote and/or hybrid workers, they likely have the technology and digital stack in place to support that. Online collaboration tools allow you and your team to stay connected on work items and cloud storage allows you to access information from anywhere on almost any machine. Take full advantage of the technology the company has invested in to make your life easier.  

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