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Our Core Values: Value #3 Nurture and Promote Diversity & Inclusion

The Panther Group Core values nurture

The Panther Group is committed to diversity. A diverse workplace means that a variety of experiences and skills and qualifications are being melded together to become one. A company that nurtures and promotes diversity and inclusion will yield a staff that’s broad-minded, open to new innovations and ideas so that the best ones will come through. Here’s how you can create an effective diversity strategy with The Panther Group.

At The Panther Group, our values are embedded into everything we do.

We truly nurture and promote diversity and inclusion in our business practices

Why? A mission of diversity

Because The Panther Group is minority-owned and certified, we see the importance of diversity and inclusion. We respect and empower our employees as individuals, trusting them to make decisions that are in the best interest of our company. And we do the same for our clients—we trust that, as partners in finding staffing solutions for your company, you’re as committed as we are to increasing your diversity as it’s a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

What? A commitment to diversity

Panther is a global company so we understand the importance of a workplace that’s inclusive and supportive of different ideas. We acknowledge that all our clients, employees, and job seekers bring a variety of viewpoints, experiences, and ideas. Demographics around the world and the workplace are ever-changing, so our commitment to inclusiveness must shift with it. By accepting and encouraging a variety of such ideas, you’ll only strengthen the health, adaptability, and resilience of your company. The Panther Group is a better place as a result of its commitment to diversity, and we think your company can be, too.

Who? A diverse group of job seekers

The Panther Group partners with a group of job seekers that’s made up of women, veterans, and disabled veterans finding the best match between employer and jobseeker.

How? Diverse goods and mentors

Even for our own business needs, we are committed to using vendors and other companies who are also committed to diversity. And we encourage our clients to do the same. The Panther Group has been successful because of its pledge to diversity and because of mentors we had early on. We’ve aimed to provide that same mentoring to other diversity-owned businesses. We’ve competed in the global marketplace and we want to see other emerging diversity businesses do the same.

A diverse workplace means that each company can recognize its unique set of skills and talents and best utilize those for success. For more on how The Panther Group can help you establish and encourage a diverse workplace, contact our team at The Panther Group.

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