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Build a Thriving Culture for your Hybrid and Remote Teams

Many businesses are recognizing the benefits of building a competitive company culture that embraces hybrid and remote strategies. Whether it’s something that your company can or wants to adopt, the workforce of tomorrow may expect more remote and hybrid job opportunities. A study done by Global Workplace Analytics estimates that 56% of W2 workers could work from home if their employers allowed it. So, where does this leave us? What are the benefits of a remote or hybrid workforce and, how do you create a culture that embraces it fully?  

4 Steps To Build an Excellent Culture of Hybrid and Remote Workers  

1. Communication and Language are Key  

Any good organization knows that real and effective communication is a foundational piece of success for their organization. It impacts onboarding, training, team collaboration, client success and so much more. If you’re looking to build a hybrid or remote business culture, setting up clear and effective communication tools, processes, and expectations is first and foremost.   

Secondly, changing how you talk about work and remote work needs to be addressed. Instead of saying you’re “letting” your employees work from home, choose language that helps you and the employee remain on a level playing field and treat their home office as a legitimate office instead of treating it like a reward.  

2. Follow the Data  

Many managers and leaders are not sold on hybrid or remote methods of managing employees. There are plenty of tools both tech and management techniques, that can help managers work with their teams to be even more productive. Choose tools and strategies that give you data and insights into your employees’ work and productivity. This will allow you to make better decisions, both for the company and your workforce.  

3. Remote-First Processes, Hybrid Culture  

If you set up your workforce to be able to work from anywhere, from any machine, hybrid work becomes second nature as well. Your communication and work platforms should be fully accessible and functional when your teams are remote. When your team is on-location, how they work is the same, thus making productivity the goal, rather than having to pivot between remote and hybrid work.  

4. Protect Your People  

Your people are your greatest assets as a company. They are your internal customers and will either act as brand ambassadors or brand detractors.   

A survey conducted by UpWork found that 22% of Americans will work remotely by the middle of this decade. When that much of the workforce is remote there is a lot to take into effect. Much of the in-house company culture pieces may not have the same impact as they used to (or did they even?) Develop a strategy to build your culture in a way that is remote-first, actually impactful, and places more value on your employees than the company’s bottom line. The benefit? When you have happier employees, they tend to be more engaged and productive.  

The Bottom Line  

If you are able to, examine whether your company can make the shift to hybrid or remote work. The benefits are there but you have to have buy-in from the top of the organization all the way through each team. When you have a positive and strong culture, it becomes easier to attract and retain employees and strategically source top-tier talent to take your business to new heights. 

Panther Can Help You Source the Right People for Your Culture and Business Goals

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