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Our Core Values: Value#6 Empowerment

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The Panther Group, serving the professional, accounting and finance, engineering, life sciences, information technology, and federal industries prides itself on its core values. These core values keep us focused on our mission—to staff your company and help you with job searches. The core values keep our team motivated and are the reason we get up in the morning. Here’s how we use empowerment to provide you with the best service.

At The Panther Group, our values are embedded into everything we do.

We are Empowered To Strategically Meet Your Needs and Help You Grow Your Career and Capabilities

1. We’re empowered to fill your staffing needs

We have all the best staffing technology and expertise to help you in your search. When we help you staff your company, we have access to great talent pools, full of qualified, pre-screened candidates that can help power your company. We’re experienced to know whether you need a temporary staffing solution, a contract staffing solution, something part-time, or a full-time hire.

2. We’re empowered to aid your job search

And when it comes to helping you advance your career, we’re privy to job opportunities before they’re even posted online. We have contacts at all the best companies and can get your resume to them before they get inundated with all your competition.

3. You’re empowered to fill your staffing needs

And ultimately, one of our goals is to empower you! Whether we’re helping you staff your organization, we want to do all that we can to allow you to make your own decisions. As experts in human capital, we can deliver great candidates, provide you with resources and a little advice, but the decision is yours. You can choose the candidate you want to join your organization.

4. You’re empowered to drive your career

Though we’re your career and recruiting partner, we’re simply empowering you to take charge of your career. We can hook you up with all the right resources and then you decide where you end up. It’s your career and although we can make great matches and walk you through the process, only you can choose the direction you want your career advancement to take.

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