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What Do You Need in order to Identify, Attract and Hire Diverse Talent in Today’s Market?

How to Identify, Attract and Hire Diverse Talent in Today's Market The Panther Group

In today’s competitive employment market, it is absolutely essential to understand what it takes to attract and retain top talent. If you’re looking for diverse talent, whether it’s a part of your company’s DNA or competitive strategy, there are elements you need in place.   

 5 Elements You Need In Place to Find and Hire Diverse Talent

1) Buy In from Your Team  

One of the most important functions of a leader is to take an idea and strategy to the “table” where the other leaders and influencers in your company have a chance to ask questions and understand where they fit into a DE&I strategy. If you have buy-in from your team and you’re all in alignment, the chances for real change and success grow exponentially. Then your ability to recruit top talent increases as well.  

2) Industry Partners  

As you begin to develop your programs and policies, partnering with organizations, strategically, can mitigate the time and effort it takes to attract diverse talent. The Panther Group partners with many companies to help them attract diverse talent because of our own positioning and brand in the market. We’ve spent the last 30 years networking and developing talent pipelines that are diverse. This in turn benefits our partner companies. Our staffing services and recruitment best practices give us an advantage over other staffing partners because of our focus on developing these pipelines.  

3) Real Supplier Diversity  

Your ability to hire and retain talent is not just based on how well you can pay them. While that is a factor, your employees see deeper into your core values, culture, and business practices than you think. When you partner with more diverse companies like those owned by veterans, women, and other groups, your company’s brand most likely will attract and retain diverse talent as well.  

4) Consistent and Positive Communication from Leadership  

When employees see that their needs are being met and their voices are being heard, they are more likely to stay and talk positively about the company. When leaders develop a clear and positive message about their goals, DE&I initiatives, and topics like wellness, it becomes clear to their employees that they have a finger on the pulse of the business and understand the temperature of their employees’ experiences.   

5) Employee Brand Ambassadors  

Your ability to hire new employees is directly related to your propensity for retaining your employees. When you develop a safe and inspiring work environment your employees will spread that news for you. Many HR leaders point to the fact that many successful hires are referrals from current employees. That should be no surprise to employers that are purposefully supporting well-thought-out recruitment strategies that include wellness initiatives, DE&I programs, and Corporate social responsibility measures.  

If you’re looking to develop a diverse workforce, these elements will play a part in your ability to hire and retain talent.   

Looking to Build a Truly Diverse Workforce?  Partner With Panther!

The Panther Group is minority-owned and certified, making diversity, equity, and inclusion core components of our mission. With our commitment to respecting and empowering our employees and clients as individuals, diversity is a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Diversity and inclusion are our top business priority, consistent with our values of integrity, respect, collaboration, empowerment, and trust. We value and respect our individual differences. Our appreciation of a diverse workforce helps to attain our full potential, adding value to our company and giving us a distinct competitive advantage within our marketplace and community.  

Supplier Diversity. The Panther Group partners with a diverse supplier base that includes minority, women, 8(a) certified, small disadvantaged, veteran, and disabled veteran business suppliers to meet the needs of our clients.    

MSP Diversity. Equally important, our Managed Service Provider (MSP) programs allow us to provide a diverse supplier base for our clients.    

Procurement Diversity. Our commitment to diversity extends to the vendors we use internally. We seek diverse suppliers for the goods and services we need for our own business needs.    

Supplier Mentorship. The Panther Group owes much of its success to a broad diversity program and early mentoring partnerships. We pay it forward by providing the same to other diversity-owned businesses. Our mentorship program is designed to help emerging diversity businesses successfully compete in the marketplace.    

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