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Our Core Values: Value #7 Resourceful & Innovative

The Panther Group core values resourceful

The Panther Group, serves the professional, accounting and finance, engineering, life sciences, information technology, and federal industries with pride. And powering our motivation every day are our core values. These core values keep us focused on our mission—to staff your company and help you with job searches. They keep our team motivated and are the reason we get up in the morning. Here’s how we prioritize resourcefulness and innovation in everything we do.

At The Panther Group, our values are embedded into everything we do.

Our consultative process is innovative, resourceful and is not cookie cutter.

Innovation is a must

We have to be resourceful and innovative serving such a wide variety of industries. And doing so, we’ve been extremely successful experts in human capital, finding the point where talent and opportunity meet. If there’s an opening somewhere, we can use the access we have to large talent pools to find the right candidate to fill it.

Panther Professional

Our professional resources are second to none.  We are able to streamline your talent search because we have access to people with specialized professional skill sets.  This, in turn, promotes more efficient business growth and make the most of each hire.

Panther Life Sciences

 In our life sciences division, we’ve enhanced lives with life science careers that we’re able to find talent for. And it’s not just talent that makes a successful life sciences career—it’s diligence, …, and a passion to continually do what’s in the best interest to support the mission, changing lives every step of the way.

Panther Engineering

Our engineering division partners with dynamic companies to find the most talented engineering and manufacturing expertise. We use our resources to find those highly skilled professionals and then use innovation to make them an offer they can’t refuse. It might be a permanent position or a specialized contract that we can design for you.

Panther Federal

We can secure diverse government staffing solutions and help you manage your government career. We’ll use our resources to help you get to know the right decision makers, to help you understand the nuances of various jobs, and to help you reach your long-term goals. Working within the federal system isn’t easy—but our experience can help you navigate it and customize the right search strategy.

Panther Information Technology

The IT industry is always in demand, which means it’s a competitive industry. It takes innovation to attract and vet that top-tier technical talent that will properly address your biggest technology challenges. When you’re struggling to find truly qualified candidates, we can use our resources to delve into the talent market and nail down the right one.

Panther Accounting & Finance

Our accounting and finance division strives to help you protect your bottom line as we help you fill these positions. We use our resources and innovation to design the right employment arrangement to fit your need and optimize your career opportunities.

Looking for a job or a smart way to fill them?

We serve the following industries: ProfessionalAccounting & FinanceEngineeringLife SciencesInformation TechnologyFederal

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