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What Skill Sets Should I Spotlight in My Job Search?

What Skill Sets Should I Spotlight in My Job Search? The Panther Group

Looking for a job? Want to take your career to the next level? Great! So do many other people.  You’re in competition for jobs across industries and experience levels.

What can you do to get your resume to stand out? Here are three ways to utilize your skills and proficiencies to improve your chances of standing out in the crowd

  1. Use Keywords in Your Resume
  2. Spotlight Soft Skills That Show Complement Your Strengths
  3. Define the Skills You Want to Be Found For

3 Tips For Getting Found In A Job Search

1. Use Keywords (strategically) in Your Resume.

When you apply for jobs or submit your resume to a job board, your resume is entered into a database of hundreds, thousands, and sometimes millions of resumes. Most of these online portals use technology to review your resume and pull keywords, work experience and contact information from your resume.  For each of your work experiences, define a set of skills you employed to get that job done each day.  These can be soft or hard skills.  Also, make sure to list your actual titles for each of your work experiences.

2. Spotlight Soft Skills That Complement Your Professional Skills and Strengths

While we all have strengths and weaknesses, your resume is a place to spotlight your strengths, especially your soft skills.  You can search for lists of soft skills online but make sure that you mention soft skills that are directly related to doing your job or completing tasks.  As you describe your professional skillsets, describing how your soft skills complemented your professional skillset only serves to demonstrate your professional acumen.

3. Define the Skills You Want to Found For, Not Necessarily Every Skill You Have

As you look for a job, you typically know what kinds of roles you want to be employed in next. Spend time doing your due diligence to research job descriptions and listing for those jobs. Utilize these descriptions to draw keywords from. While you should make sure not to just list random skills you don’t actually have, this process can uncover skills that you may have forgotten to include in your resume.  This process can help to increase the odds that your resume gets identified on job boards and employer searches.


As you look for a job, remember that national staffing firms like The Panther Group utilize programs and software that are highly intuitive and can match your skills to jobs with high accuracy.  If you take the time to craft a well-written, accurate and optimized resume, your chances of getting an interview are higher.

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