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Looking to Build a Strong Company Culture? Ask These Questions.

Looking to Build a Strong Company Culture_ Ask These Questions. The Panther Group

If you are looking to build a company culture that attracts and retains the right employees, consider asking these questions either in a forum or as a leadership team.

10 Questions To Ask if You’re Looking to Build a Strong Company Culture

Are We Open To New Ideas?

Do employees or other leaders in the company feel comfortable bringing new ideas to the table? If you’re not getting ideas from the team, asking them directly or via survey could spark good conversations.

How Do our Current Staff View the Company Culture?

Surveys both anonymous and not can be excellent tools to understand the culture “temperature” in your company.  If you do send out these surveys, be ready to follow up with good communication and actions. Actions speak louder than words even in corporate culture!

What Aspects of our Culture Are The Strongest?

What do people in your company consistently talk about? Where are money, time, and effort being invested? Where your company invests, often strengthens a portion of your culture simultaneously.

What is Being Done to Develop Leaders?

Are you training leaders effectively? Are you providing them with training or guidance on how to both manage and lead well?  Consider providing people with reading materials, corporate training, mentorship, or coaching opportunities to train them up. These leaders will then develop influence and impact the rest of the company.

What Aspects of our Culture are the Weakest?

This may be the most difficult aspect of introspection, but if you’re able to identify the weakest link in your company’s culture, you may find that you are able to attract the right employees and keep them when they are offered positions elsewhere.

Do Our Recruitment and Hiring Processes Reflect Our Culture and Values?

When you are able to identify your values and culture, you should be able to determine if your recruitment and hiring processes are aligned.

Do the Company’s Employees Have a Voice?

Are you collecting regular feedback?  Are you providing ways for employees to elevate their concerns without fear of retaliation?

How Are We Measuring the Impact of Our Culture?

Data collection can range from surveys to informal interviews but should not primarily rely on anecdotal collection methods.  Determine what parts of your culture you want to measure and drill down into what actually makes that so important to you and the team, then measure KPIs specific to that aspect.

What Elements of our Culture Do Our Staff View as the Strongest?

Your team often is able to identify what is weakest and strongest. Listen, adapt and empower your team to drive culture!

How Strategic Are We About Creating the Culture We Want or Need?

Putting a plan in action to build a strong culture is essential to true success. While it won’t come overnight, if your team is purposeful about creating the right culture, you’ll see the results of it!

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