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Unleash Diverse Leaders to Influence Culture

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One of the most effective ways to build a culture that is embedded into every aspect of the company is to unlock leaders from within the company to do so! You’ve hired great people, or intend to. Develop leaders from within your team to grow your culture from within.

John Maxwell, author, and leadership guru says that “leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less.” Anyone in your company who has influence has the potential to be a leader in your organization. Here are some practical ways to develop leaders in your company to promote the culture you want. These are his 3 E’s of Leadership development.

3 Ways  To Nurture Leaders to Influence Company Culture


Create an environment that encourages learning leadership skills. Make sure that your managers are developing these skills so that others can see these skills in action.


Equip people who want to be equipped. Not everyone wants to develop their leadership skills and that is ok. Develop the people that want to impact and influence culture. Equipping comes in many forms including seminars, mentorship, and learning pods.


Expose your team to exceptional leaders to observe how they lead. We often learn best by observing and imitating. Providing access to excellent leaders and letting your team learn by assimilation can be a very effective technique.

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