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12 Benefits of Using a Staffing Firm to Recruit in Dallas

Researching staffing firms and staffing agencies in the Dallas or Fort Worth area? Consider partnering with The Panther Group.

What do staffing firms do?

A staffing firm primarily serves two types of clientele; job-seekers and companies looking to hire.  A Dallas staffing firm sources, screens resumes, interviews candidates and connects them with employers looking for specific skills and professionals.  A company may come to the staffing firm looking for one or a few professionals, or that company may need a recruitment partner that can help them find large numbers of employees.

Why do Dallas and Fort Worth Companies Typically Work with Staffing Firms?

Companies often work with staffing firms for their workforce needs for a number of reasons.  They may be looking for a full-time employee.  The company may need a handful of employees with specific skills for a certain project.  If a company often scales up and down its workforce,  staffing firms are excellent partners to outsource the recruitment, onboarding, and employment of that workforce.

12 Benefits of Working with A Dallas Staffing Firm or Agency

1. Gain access to Talent More Quickly

A staffing agency or firm has spent time developing pools of available talent to source more quickly from. When a company needs talent, they are competing with every other company that needs that talent.  A staffing firm is able to identify that talent more quickly increasing the odds of hiring that talent.

2. Reduce Hiring Risks

Risks can range from bad hires to administrative and misclassification risks.  A staffing firm is on the front lines of knowing the most current laws and regulations, ensuring that you’re in compliance.

3. Control and Often Reduce Costs

When a company has many lines or vendors, it’s easy for costs to balloon or create blind spots.  A staffing firm with the right capabilities can help to identify, refine and control those costs.

4. Streamline Hiring Processes

From sourcing, screening, interviewing and onboarding a staffing firm is able to close any gaps you have in your process helping you retain top talent and get them up to speed quickly.

5. Access to Other and Deeper Talent Pools

At The Panther Group, we’ve spent the last 30 years developing and nurturing a variety of talent pools across many sectors.  We’ve built out talent pools of professionals with the following skillsets and more: professional, office and administrative, customer service and call center, life sciences, engineering, information technology, accounting, and finance.

6. Employer Branding

If you’ve struggled with retaining talent due to culture, hiring issues, or the like, you may partner with a staffing firm with a good reputation with candidates that can help you find and retain the employees you need.

We invite you to read this free ebook on developing a deep and lasting company culture.

7. Keep Up With Business Growth and Busy Periods

Many companies experience growth or busy periods.  This often means that hiring new employees is a must.  When you have a strategic staffing and recruitment partner, you’re able to engage with them to source, hire, and onboard talent and often in large groups at a time.

8. Make the Most of Each and Every Hire

With many different models of engagement, you may decide on a direct-hire engagement or a contract-to-hire engagement with a staffing firm.  You’re then able to test out a new employee to see if they are a good fit for your work model, culture and technical needs.

9. Reduce the Need For Internal Resources

While internal hr and recruitment teams add tremendous value to a company,  a staffing firm can become a true employment partner for a company on a wide array of needs reducing the need to purchase or hire additional internal resources and capital.

10. Save Time and Headaches of Reviewing Resumes and Interviewing Subpar Candidates

With every hiring process, there are headaches.  When you partner with a staffing firm, they take those headaches off your plate

11. Outsource Administrative Tasks

From payrolling to onboarding process and benefits management, many HR processes can be covered by a reputable, experienced, and trusted staffing firm.

12. Navigate Talent Shortages

As the markets and economies continue to expand and shrink having a strategic staffing partner helps you manage those events more readily.  Finding the right talent during these times can be the difference between meeting your goals and coming up short.  When there is a shortage of talent, it is that much harder to attract, hire and retain the talent you need. Top staffing firms are perfectly placed to find this talent more quickly for you.

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Staffing Firms in the Dallas and Fort Worth Areas Typically Offer These Services

Temporary or Contract Staffing

When a company has a temporary need due to an extended absence at the executive or professional level, The Panther Group can offer highly specialized and skilled professionals to stand in and fill the gaps for short and long-term projects or busy periods.

Temporary or Contract-To-Hire

Companies can lower their overall hiring risks with this option.  You get to evaluate a professional for a set time period before extending an offer.  If the contract-to-hire employee isn’t a good fit, The Panther Group can help to find a better fit.

Direct Hire or Executive Search

When companies are looking for proven talent with specific skillsets and experience, a direct-hire search can help you land top talent that you may not have access to. At The Panther Group, we are able to tap our professional talent pools and diverse networks to find the right employee for you.  Because of our team’s deep experience and Panther’s longevity, we’ve built up deep talent networks to draw upon.

Managed Staffing Services

Companies looking to have a workforce partner who sticks with them often benefit in many ways. A staffing firm in this capacity handles the administrative tasks, including preparing job requisitions, managing your staffing supply chain and temporary workforce.  Companies with fluctuating workforce needs, tight schedules, and growth are excellent candidates for this type of staffing model.

Are you Looking to Build a Strong Team and want a Strong Recruitment Partner for Your Dallas Business?

As one of the top national staffing firms with a local Dallas staffing presence, we are focused on your recruitment goals and strategy.  What we bring to the table is 30 years of recruitment experience and expertise to help you reach those goals. We don’t bring a one-size-fits-all solution to you, we truly want to partner with you to build the team you want and need.  If you’re researching staffing agencies and recruitment firms that can help you find talent, we encourage you to reach out today for a consultation.

We Can Help You Maximize and Improve Your Recruitment and Workforce Processes in the Dallas and Fort Worth Metro Area. 

With national capabilities we partner with businesses across many sectors including: banking, financial services, higher education, legal offices, insurance, manufacturing, engineering and more. When you search for “staffing agencies near me” you find many companies to choose from but not all of them will be able to help you adapt to changing markets and needs.

With Recruitment Firm Service Capabilities in: Irving, Garland, Plano, Arlington, Mesquite, Dallas metro and Fort Worth Metro and across the state.

When you partner with The Panther Group for your staffing or recruiting in Dallas and Fort Worth,  we make sure we get to know you, your business culture, expectations and goals.  We want to be a true business partner and resource for you.

Researching staffing agencies in Dallas? As a workforce management partner and among the top staffing agencies in Dallas, we offer flexible staffing solutions to help you adapt to a changing economy. As one of the most trusted engineering, accounting, and finance staffing firms, Panther can help you find professionals who will thrive in your organization and have a positive impact on your business. Contact us today.

We can help you find talent across many verticals including:


Accounting & Finance,


Life Sciences,

Information Technology,


Are you looking for professional staffing solutions? Contact us today! Call us, request an employee, or search our jobs.

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