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What Do Job Seekers Want In A New Job?

What Do Job Seekers Want In A New Job? The Panther Group

We take polls, regularly, to gauge what job seekers are looking for in their jobs and sometimes what they are hoping to leave behind.

One such poll made us really think.  For job seekers looking for jobs in the last few months, these are the top 4 things they are looking for.

4 Things that Job Seekers Want

Decent Pay

Pay and compensation are complex issues but there are certain levels of pay at which it has become virtually impossible to find people willing to work for. In some industries, this has been a long time coming but well overdue.  Companies can immediately differentiate themselves by offering competitive pay for the markets in which they operate. Want to really differentiate your company? Offer nationally competitive pay rates, not just rates that match what the local market will bear.

Positive Company Culture

People are indicating that they are less willing to work for a company that doesn’t treat them well or engage with them proactively.  Company culture can be impacted negatively or positively by a number of tactics.  Any number of employee engagement tactics can connect a company with its employees. A company can attract new employees by dedicating itself to creating happy internal customers (their employees). Referrals continue to be one of the best ways to attract new talent with the skill sets you’re looking for.

One thing to focus on is your leadership and management development.  Job seekers continue to indicate that their willingness to leave a job is often directly related to how they view the people to which they report directly. If you invest in your managers, they will be more likely to invest in their teams.

A Good Collection of Benefits

There is almost no profession that has benefits that are incredible in every aspect. However, if you can offer benefits that fit the lifestyles of your employees for the most part, you may be able to attract and retain new talent.  Flexible options can help you attract a variety of people to your company, helping you maintain a diverse workforce.

Job Security

While the promise of job security can be fleeting and often reliant on markets and sudden changes in industries, job security can help you retain your top employees.  Do you offer training to reskill workers for new roles? Do you have a good reputation as a company for managing employees well? If you can find ways to reassure your employees that their jobs are a necessity, they may be willing to stick around longer and less apt to job hop.


Knowledge is power, action is profitable!  If you are looking to find the right people to help your teams and your business grow, paying attention to what job seekers want, and choosing what to work on strategically, can empower your bottom line and your existing team.

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