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Panther Cares: How To Create a Culture That Gives Back and Cares For the Community

Panther Cares: How To Create a Culture That Gives Back and Cares For the Community

Are you looking to create a company culture that engages your teams and employees to positive action?

As companies look to attract top talent and build loyal teams, they are finding that engaging their employees is one of the ways to do this. There certainly is a true altruistic element to engaging with your employees, but it can be strategic as well. So how can you find ways to engage with your employees in a way that empowers them to get involved?

Here are 4 Ways To Engage Your Employees to Positive Action:

Build Positive Rapport Between Senior Management and Employees

This can come down to a positive flow of communication (both ways) between teams to reduce the silo effect, which is natural but can often be detrimental to culture building. One way to build rapport is to provide opportunities like volunteering for all levels of the company to participate in and “rub elbows” with people that they may not normally do so. A volunteering opportunity naturally levels the playing field and can create positive exposure for your employees.

Empower Employees To Grow

When you’re finding ways to encourage all levels of an organization to interact with each other, these interactions potentially build relationships that impact careers through networking opportunities that they may not have otherwise.

Increase Transparency Around Planning and Goals

Especially for benevolent initiatives that a company puts in place, increasing transparency can encourage participation from employees, building a sense of ownership. This ownership increases the odds that goals are met.

Encourage Employees To Use and Develop Their Strengths

Not all employees have the desire to be involved or engaged with in ways beyond their work roles, however, there are large sections of your employees that would love to be involved to some degree. If you can find ways to encourage and empower your employees to develop and use their strengths this engages them on another level, separate from their professional job description, and may create a very loyal employee.

So, what is Panther Cares?

At The Panther Group, our team is encouraged to be involved in the community but also to bring what they are passionate about to work. Each year our team is challenged to nominate nonprofit organizations that they are passionate about, to be supported through our Panther Cares initiative. A couple of years ago, we developed a tagline for Panther Cares: People, Passion, Purpose. These three words play directly into our company’s core values but also enable our team to impact causes that they are passionate about. Our team is now in the middle of nominating organizations for this year’s Panther Cares initiative and we’ll be able to share those results soon!

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