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Did You Make A New Year’s Resolution? Achieve your Career Goals With These 5 Steps

Did You Make A Resolution? Reach Your Career Goals Step By Step. The Panther Group

According to Statista, the top 5 New Years resolutions for 2022 were:

1) Living Healthier (23%)

2) Personal Improvement or Happiness (21%)

3) Losing Weight (20%)

4) Career or Job Goals (16%)

5) Financial Goals (13%)

That’s 29% of respondents wanting to improve their career and financial wellness! 41% of Americans make resolutions on average each year, however, studies show that upwards of 91% of us won’t achieve them!

Zip Ziglar said, “I don’t care how much power, brilliance or energy you have, if you don’t harness it and focus it on a specific target, and hold it there, you’re never going to accomplish as much as your ability warrants.”

So, how can you harness good intent and actually address your new year’s resolutions? Set goals and strategically attack them! We’re going to work backward in the list below (on purpose).

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5 Steps for Setting and Reaching Your Career Goals

1) Set Realistic Goals (You Can Call Them Realistic Dreams Too)

There is nothing more demoralizing than setting a goal that you know is impossible from the onset. Dreams can be devastating when they are unachievable. Setting high but reasonable goals can be exactly the challenge you need, but they are unlikely to be reached without a system of getting there.

2) Designate A Path to Your Career or Job Goal

If you can document the steps and requirements needed for a career or new job, then you’ll be able to identify specific steps needed to progress along that path.  If you want a new job, understand what hard and soft skills will be needed for that role.  Assess which skills you have and which ones you need.  Take classes. Invest in professional skills development. Take those leadership classes. Build your resume.

3) Achieve The Small Steps Along That Path

When you systematically take action, a goal becomes a puzzle, not a painting.  Each piece does need to be in place to reach the goal, but the colors aren’t swirled together in an indiscernible pattern. If you are looking for a specific job, understand that you may need to have 1 or multiple jobs (puzzle pieces) along the way to build up the experience needed for that “goal” job. Get that certification. Network with the right people in the right industry. Attend conferences. Do what needs to be done, one step at a time.

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4) Celebrate Wins – Learn From Failures

You will win and you will win. Zig Ziglar also said, “It’s not how far you fall, but how high you bounce that counts.” It seems that the idea is to lean into failures, learning from them, so that you are stronger and more prepared in the future.

5) Build An Accountability Framework

Identify a way to be held accountable for accomplishing the smaller steps along the way.  Some people post their goals to social media and systematically post progress updates.  Others choose a mentor while others choose a coach. Choose someone you trust with this particular part of your life (your job and career.) A career mentor may not be a mentor in another area of your life.  Choose someone who has already achieved goals and knows how to hold you accountable to the small steps.

Considering The Next Step In Your Career?

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