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6 Ways to Recruit and Retain Top Employees This Year

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According to LinkedIn Talent Solutions, the top 6 reasons why people stay with a company really focus on growth within that company.  If you’re looking to recruit and retain top talent in 2023, these items can impact your recruitment strategy, company culture, and bottom line.

6 Ways to Attract and Retain Professionals in 2023

1. Professional Growth

54% of respondents said they would stay with a company and job where they were able to consistently learn and develop their skill sets.  This shouldn’t be a surprise.  Top professionals are often looking to develop their hard and soft skill sets in order to stay relevant and competitive as professionals, much the same way a growing company does. Instead of keeping professionals in their “lane” for fear that they will leave (because that will probably encourage them to do so), encourage strategic growth that both benefits them as professionals and the organization.

2. Confidence in the Future of The Company

The last year has seen many organizations hiring large groups of employees, only to let them go, months or even weeks later.  The tech industry and several other industries have just released thousands of experienced professionals into the market who are getting claimed by their growing and more nimble competitors.  While this is a simplification of the facts, it will make it harder to hire in the future when professionals are leery of being employed by a company that pivots that quickly and often without notice. Building trust with your workforce and potential employees is difficult to develop and easy to break.

3. Excellent Work-Life Balance

While there are ongoing discussions on the effectiveness of 4 or even 3-day work weeks or providing food and wellness options at work. Work-life balance is and has always been employee driven. While a company may think their employees have this balance, without feedback from their workforce there is no way to truly corroborate this. Employees will tell you what is important to them if you listen.  They will tell you in their interviews, their onboarding, and reviews. If you take this feedback seriously and let it influence workloads, schedules, and how people are managed, your company will reap the benefits along with your employees.

4. Clear Pathways to Promotion

This one is complicated. Some people are happy and content staying where they are. Others are keenly aware and desire professional growth in terms of promotion. According to survey information reported by Inc, 70 percent of workers would welcome a promotion but would rather have more freedom, flexibility, and/or autonomy in their job. While this doesn’t eliminate these people from promotions (and shouldn’t because some of these people are EXACTLY the people who should be promoted), you do need to provide clear pathways to the next steps within your organization.  If you can, lean more toward transparency in processes that impact your employees, especially promotions.

5. Transparent Company Values

Your company’s core values can often be one of the first things to attract top talent.  Your core values, if actually used properly can provide fuel for your team, guidance for your processes, and trust within your organization and with your customers. Resist the urge to use the company values as a weapon to shoot down variant ideas, but rather use them as a map to guide your company and vision forward.  Through effective marketing, branding, and recruiting, the work will get out “there” that your company is the right partner for excelling careers.

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6. Work Flexibility

While this particular item, workplace flexibility, is a topic thrust to the forefront of employment discussions over the last few years, it is really an old one.  With newer and better technology, there has come a great boom in options to offer remote or hybrid work options that are easy to manage and are proven to provide better productivity.  Organizations that truly value employing diverse candidates now have excellent solutions for providing strategic accommodations for top professionals with disabilities or attracting employees in communities that it may not have been able to access previously. And get this, the data shows that workers are actually more productive across the board! Not every job should or can be done remotely. Not every employee works well remotely.  Not every leader is equipped to lead or manage remotely.  But if your company can find ways to build in some flexibility into how people work, you probably will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.  The key is to effectively measure the desired outcome.

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