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Press Release: Enterforce Inc. Rebrands as Panther Workforce Solutions

Panther Workforce Solutions streamlines your staffing programs.

Enterforce Inc. Rebrands as Panther Workforce Solutions, Now Part of the Panther Brand of Staffing and Workforce Solutions.

Maynard, MA, February 15, 2024 


February 1, 2024 – Enterforce Inc., a leading Managed Services Provider (MSP) of workforce solutions, including contingent workforce management, is excited to announce its rebranding as Panther Workforce Solutions. This strategic rebranding reflects our commitment to evolving with the ever-changing needs of the workforce industry while reaffirming our dedication to providing innovative staffing and workforce solutions.

Panther Workforce Solutions joins the Panther brand family, a respected name in the staffing and workforce industry known for excellence, reliability, and client-centric service. This transition marks a significant milestone in our journey to offer an even broader range of services and enhanced support to our clients and partners.

Key highlights of the rebranding include:

1. Unified Brand Identity: Panther Workforce Solutions aligns seamlessly with the Panther brand, creating a unified and recognizable identity.

2. Expanded Service Portfolio: As part of the Panther brand, Panther Workforce Solutions will offer an extended array of workforce solutions, providing clients with even more tailored options to meet their staffing and talent management needs.

3. Enhanced Client Experience: Our commitment to delivering exceptional service remains unwavering, and the rebranding allows us to continue exceeding client expectations.

4. Innovation and Growth: The Panther brand has a history of innovation and growth, and Panther Workforce Solutions is no exception. We are poised to innovate and expand in the ever-evolving workforce industry.

Panther Workforce Solutions’ CEO, Sean Cogdell, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “The rebranding of Enterforce Inc. to Panther Workforce Solutions is a significant step forward for our organization. By aligning with the Panther brand, we are better equipped to provide comprehensive and dynamic staffing and workforce solutions that empower our clients to thrive in today’s competitive business landscape.”

Clients and partners of Panther Workforce Solutions can expect a seamless transition, with our dedicated team working diligently to ensure uninterrupted service and support during this exciting change.

For more information about Panther Workforce Solutions and the Panther brand, please visit

About Panther Workforce Solutions:

Panther Workforce Solutions, formerly Enterforce Inc., is a trusted name in the staffing and workforce industry, committed to delivering innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients. As part of the Panther brand, we continue our mission to provide top-quality staffing services that drive success.

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