How Can You Successfully Adapt to A New Company Culture? 

How Can You Successfully Adapt to A New Company Culture_ The Panther Group

Much is made of hiring for fit, job searching for culture, and understanding employer brand. Realistically, even if you choose a position that appears to be the perfect fit, you will experience a ramp-up period. There is always nuance to be considered. How can you fit into the culture seamlessly while allowing your talents to shine through?   You will need to be resourceful in finding your… Read more

5 Characteristics of Companies People Love to Work For

Competitive salary and benefits are essential, but equally important is an environment where people feel respected, valued, and empowered. Here are five characteristics of companies that people love to work for. It takes more than flashy perks to inspire undying devotion and loyalty from your employees. It is often intangible, feel-good characteristics that give people… Read more

Summer Reading Series: Books That Will Make You Rethink Your Business Culture

Company culture is essential and is driving career choices more than ever. When your employees are happy and focused on a company mission that they believe in, they’ll be more productive and efficient at work. And they’re more likely to stay loyal to your company. Here are some books you can read this summer that… Read more

Is Your Company Culture Attractive to Millennials

Millennials often get a bad rap when it comes to their work ethic. But the truth is, they aren’t a bunch of lazy, entitled kids. It’s just their career-related needs and goals are different than those of their predecessors. As an employer, how can you ensure your organization is attractive to millennials? For starters, look… Read more