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The 3 Rules of Hiring a Perfect Fit

When you are looking for someone to fill a role in your company you may be tempted to do a quick hire in order to avoid a lag in productivity. Avoid those urges and, instead, follow these rules so you won’t need to hire again in a month.

 Instead, you’ll want to seek out the individual who will be the best fit for the position that needs be filled. It might take a little more effort, but it’ll be worth it in the long run.

 To increase your chances of finding the best person for the job, follow these three rules:

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Rule #1: Be Specific

When drafting a job notice, be as specific as possible on two different fronts:

 Describe exactly what the job entails. Explain short- and long-term projects and assignments the employee will be responsible for, as well as the skills needed to successfully complete them.

Additionally, describe your ideal applicant. Go beyond stating the required qualifications. Define employee characteristics and personality traits that will help them succeed within the organization.

You’ll likely still get a flood of unqualified applicants, but you’ll easily be able to find the ones who match up with your needs.

Rule #2:  Be Transparent

If you want to attract the perfect employee, you need to allow them a glimpse of your company from an insider’s perspective.

In your posting, describe your organization’s mission statement and purpose for operation. How do you define success? What are your values? What causes do you champion? This will help filter our those whose ideals don’t align with your organization’s, decreasing turnaround in the long run.

Also, be transparent when it comes to salary and benefits. If you offer attractive incentives, make it clear what they are. There’s no need to hide this information; the person you want to hire will find them out at some point anyway, right? So if they end up not agreeing to the terms, you’ll have wasted the time of everyone involved in the interview process.

Rule #3:  Be Selective

This goes along with the first point I made: you don’t want to hire someone just to fill a position. In most cases, this will do much more harm than good to your organization.

The point of going through the interview process in the first place is to find the best-fit person for a specific position. Don’t lose sight of this. Communicate with others on the hiring committee, as well as those who may end up working alongside the new hire, to discuss each applicant objectively.

Although you can always look for another employee if your first choice ends up not working out, you’ll have missed out on the many other qualified applicants who will likely have found work elsewhere. In other words, make the first hire count.

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