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4 Fun Workplace Activities That Can Build Engagement During the Summer

Every year as summer rolls around, office workers across the country start to hit the wall. Wasn’t it just yesterday that summer gave us the freedom to do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted?

As adults, the magic of summer becomes a relic of the past. No matter how nice the weather is, we have work that must be done. Of course, knowing we could be outside enjoying ourselves makes it that much more difficult to accomplish anything.

As an office manager, it’s your duty to keep your employees engaged during the “summer slump.” With a bit of creativity, you can allow your employees to let loose a little, while keeping them focused on accomplishing your company’s goals.

Host “TED Talks”

If you’ve seen a TED Talk, you know they’re a bit more engaging than your typical presentation. After these talks conclude, you can sense the audience actively wants more from the speaker.

Take a page from the book of TED and implement this presentation style into your own organization. Rather than having your employees give the same old updates on a weekly basis, ask them to focus on something unique about the work they’ve been doing. Stress the importance of creative implementation, motivational strategies and surprising results.

By letting your employees take ownership of their next presentation, you’ll keep them – and their audience – much more engaged.

Get Active

As adults, we can’t spend every day of the summer playing baseball at the local park. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get some physical activity in daily.

As the manager of an office team, consider setting up a time your workers can meet up at the local (or even on-location) gym. Ideally, you can get people to meet before the workday begins, allowing them to start their day off with a bang.

You can even take it a step further and implement challenges, such as fastest mile time on the treadmill, or most weight lost over the course of the summer. (Of course, you should make all this optional; it’s all in good fun, after all.)

Charity Work

Another way to keep your team engaged and active is to do volunteer work together. Check with your local community center for events that are coming up, and find out how your team might be able to lend a hand.

Not only is this a good way to build camaraderie among your employees, it also allows your organization to provide value to your community in addition to the services you already provide.

Get Together and Relax

If the only time your team really “hangs out” is during lunch hour, summer is the perfect time to change that. Get your team together for pub trivia night every Tuesday. Reserve a spot at your local park on Saturday and have a barbecue. Get tickets to a ballgame.

If you really want your team to stay engaged over the summer, let them have a little fun. Enjoy yourself, while you’re at it.

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