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5 Reasons a Vendor-on-Premise Relationship Helps Your Company Reach Its Goals Faster

Panther’s Workforce Solutions team provides many incentives to help you manage your employees. They can help you balance the priorities of your bottom line and your company’s long-term and short-term goals. They seek to partner with you, to free up time affording time to focus on sales, building relationships with employees, designing a marketing strategy, growing the business, and improving efficiencies. Depending on your needs, Panther can design a solution that’s as hands-on or off as you need. Here are five reasons a vendor-on-premise relationship helps your company reach its goals faster.  

How Does A VOP Work?

Single point-of-contact 

 When you have a vendor on premise, you’ll have one single person to go to when you have a question or other relevant concern. And it’ll be someone you’ll have an established relationship with. No more calling and calling to no answer and sending emails that get ignored as you try and track down someone, anyone, who can help you out. Instead, you can head down the hall and check in with that single person and get your question answered in a few short minutes.  

On-site team 

 An on-site model if required, is a small team of experts who are focused on your business needs and committed to your company. They get to know you and your employees and because they’re with you for a significant amount of time, they’ll understand your management style and your hiring needs. They can communicate with you in real time and address problems as soon as they come up. 

Workforce compliance  

 It’s important to stay up-to-date on workforce regulations so you can avoid fines, penalties, and lawsuits. Fortunately, by maintaining a vendor-on-premise relationship with Panther Workforce Solutions, you’ll have experts—people who make it their business to know everything there is to know about workforce compliance and risk mitigation assurance.  

Administrative management 

All of those tedious administrative tasks that can be so time-consuming will be handled by a vendor-on-premise. They manage payroll, benefits distribution, posting new job openings, and facilitating the hiring process. And you can relax that they’re doing it all legally and within regulations while you devote your time to growing your business. 

Management oversight for temp workers 

Contract labor management can take up a lot of time and resources. You have to train them and onboard them and make sure their contracts are current and they’re compensated appropriately. And when their tenure with you is up, Panther can make sure they depart on good terms, wages are paid out, and all equipment is returned.  

Looking for a better workforce management solution? 

For morinformation on how Panther’s Workforce Solutions team can customize a solution for your company, contact our team at The Panther Group. 

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