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5 Budgeting Tools to Use While You’re Career Planning

How did we ever survive without apps? All we have to do is install them on our smartphones and they do the work for us, making our lives easier and saving us time and money. And no matter how disciplined and meticulous you are, we could all use a little assistance with maintaining a healthy budget, particularly if you’re between jobs or planning your next career move and can’t afford to be splurging right now. Here are some of the best budgeting tools to use while you’re career planning. 

 5 Budgeting Apps


This free app is pretty hands-off, helping you save more and spend less. It syncs with your accounts to help you track your spending. It automatically updates and categorizes your transactions to give you an idea of where you spend the majority of your money. You can also track your bills, label ATM withdrawals based on how you spend that money, and set alerts when you near your limit. And it comes with a free credit score. Plus, Mint was one of the original budget apps, so most of it’s kinks and unpopular nuances have been weeded out at this point.  

Pocket Guard 

Also free, Pocket Guard is pretty basic, but it does the trick. It accounts for all your bills and savings goals and lets you know how much you have left to spend at any given moment. And you have the option to break your spending into categories, like groceries, eating out, or clothing. 


This app is an easy way to organize and pay your bills. You can see all your account balances and bills in one place so you can plan out your payments. Using the app, you can either pay right then or schedule a payment for later. They’ll notify you when your bill due dates are getting close and when your payments are confirmed. And best of all, this app is usable on the most interfaces—Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8, and Kindle. 


Another free app! Albert is like having a personal assistant for your money, helping you budget, saving, and reducing your debt. It tracks all your accounts and gives you advice based on your spending habits, bills, and income. It makes sure you set aside a healthy portion into a savings account. And for an additional monthly fee, you can access actual human experts who can give you personalized advice based on your goals—investing, paying down your debts, or saving for something specific.  

Personal Capital  

This app, another free one, helps you assess and rate your investment accounts to really maximize your returns by combining computerized algorithms with human financial advisers. For an additional fee you can also invest your assets with the company, secure a 401(k) analyzer, and use a retirement planner.  

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