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The Very Real Benefits of Writing Down a Budget

The first advice that any financial professional will give you is make a budget. Written budgets are proven to be effective. Seeing your finances on paper or in a spreadsheet makes it simpler to review your progress on financial goals. Consider these benefits to writing down a budget.

Take Control of Your Money

It can often seem that money slips right out of your pocket. If you don’t track spending, it can be impossible to know what happens to your funds. When you track and record your expenditures, you will have better control. You can identify unnecessary expenses and eliminate them. Those small expenses—a coffee on your way to work or even the smallest of Amazon purchases—can quickly add up. Once you assess your current spending, you can better direct where you want your money to go.

Track Your Progress

Stay disciplined regarding your finances by setting concrete financial goals. Align them with your priorities such as early retirement, buying a house or paying down debt. Define a precise number goal and write it down. Once you put it in writing, keep track of your forward progress to see the results of your hard work.

It’s Enlightening

Mapping out your spending shows precisely where your money is coming from and where it is going each month. This data clarifies what you can afford and what is out of your current reach. Money is a common source of tension for many couples. When you understand your finances, you can communicate more effectively with your significant other to ensure you are on the same page regarding your financial goals and responsibilities.

Organize Your Spending

To create a budget, begin by outlining all your monthly expenses—mortgage, car payment, internet, gym membership, groceries, insurance, etc. Then you can adjust your spending habits accordingly. Make savings a non-negotiable line item on your budget. Begin by building an emergency fund, then investigate smart investment options. As you track your bills and expenses month to month, you can see when rates and bills go up or down and how that affects your budget.

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