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 How Can You Successfully Adapt to A New Company Culture? 

How Can You Successfully Adapt to A New Company Culture_ The Panther Group

Much is made of hiring for fit, job searching for culture, and understanding employer brand. Realistically, even if you choose a position that appears to be the perfect fit, you will experience a ramp-up period. There is always nuance to be considered. How can you fit into the culture seamlessly while allowing your talents to shine through?  

You will need to be resourceful in finding your place in the organization. 

Begin by observing  

It is tempting to want to make an immediate impact, but do not go into a new job guns blazing. Whether you are an individual contributor or are entering the company at the executive level, you can learn much by simply watching. See how people interact with each other. Is there deference to the hierarchal structure or does everyone behave as though they are on the same level. How do people communicate? Is it okay to swing by someone’s cube with coffee or is an email trail the top priority? Only by gaining a strong grasp of the ingrained culture can you find your place in the organization.  

Do not live in the past  

While there is no doubt that you bring a lot of positive experience with you, it is important to frame suggestions correctly. Say, “At my old company we always…” a few too many times and people will silently wonder why you left if everything was so great there. Instead, be resourceful! Bring those lessons forward without reference previous jobs. Say, “Have we ever tried …?” instead. It allows you to provide suggestions that show you are a valuable member of the team rather than reminding people you are still an outsider.  

Build bridges at every level  

If you spend all your time with employees at your level or above, people will see you as ambitious. Generally, that is considered positive, but when you are brand new to the company it can appear this position is just a stepping stone for you. It puts you in a position in which colleagues can view you as competition and support personnel can see you as elitist. No career exists in a vacuum. You need people at all levels to be successful. Ask questions. While much about culture is unspoken, there is plenty you can lean by just having conversations with people.  

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