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Who Are You Trusting with Your IT Career?

Regardless of economic conditions, IT professionals are always in great demand. When you can work nearly anywhere, how do you choose the best option? Exceptional technical abilities do not necessarily equate with strong career management skills. If you decide to entrust someone with your career, what qualities do you look for?  

Why Work with a specialized IT recruiter? 

A recruiter who focuses on your field exclusively can give you a substantial edge in planning a career that is financially rewarding and challenging in all the right ways. They speak your language, so you will never need to explain the nuance between an opportunity that could be an excellent fit for you and one that is a miss.  

An IT recruiter worthy of your trust will: 

Ask the right questions 

Your recruiter will start with the basics regarding your skills and experience, but then they will really dig into your long and short-term vision for your career. They might even make you a little uncomfortable because by asking you to think about your career and future in ways you may not have before. A recruiter willing to take the risk of alienating you by pushing you a little bit is one who will truly put your interests first.  

Know the market 

IT recruiters make it their business to know what is going on in the industry and with local companies. They read and network, learning who might have won a contract that will require more IT specialists, or  who is trying out exciting new technologies. They know the employers who pay well or offer perks that make it a great place to work. They know the culture of each employer so they can find a place where you will thrive.  

Know the people 

As specialists, successful IT recruiters constantly nurture and expand their network into the industry and community. They know the decision-makers and can connect you with the right people, so your resume does not get lost in a stack on someone’s desk. They often get a headsup on jobs before they are advertised. If you have a dream company to work for – chances are they know someone.  

Keep your search confidential 

It is no one’s business but your own that you are considering a move. An IT recruiter can line up interviews for your next opportunity while you continue working seamlessly in your current position. They can also make sure that the market is not flooded with copies of your resume making you appear to be a commodity to employers 

Looking to take the next step in your career? We would love to partner with you!  

At The Panther Group, our IT recruiters can leverage their industry experience and lasting relationships to give you a strategic advantage in your career. When you need expert advice, we are here to help! Contact us today to get started. 

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