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The Economy is Reopening – Now is the Time to Find a Better Job

While it’s been a scary few months for both employers and individuals, much has been learned along the way as well. We have a clearer view now of what is essential and what is not, how business can be conducted effectively, and how prepared most of us are for a significant catastrophic event.

Is This The Right Time To Find a New Job?

1. You know what’s important to you – and what’s not.

Maybe you realized with some downtime that you want to spend the 40+ hours of your workweek doing something you truly love. Perhaps you saw the importance of building your emergency fund and are more focused on a well-paying job than a dream job. Use that knowledge to inform your search. If you work with a recruiter, be honest regarding your needs. They can guide your search more effectively than you can conduct your own search in most situations.

2. You’re humble about what you lack.

If you took stock of where you are professionally and where you want to be, you could probably identify some gaps you need to close. Honing the right skills can boost your job prospects. Consider what will make you more marketable to employers. Conduct a cost-benefit analysis of your options. If you were to get an MBA, can you realize a return on your investment over the course of your career, or could you learn what you need online or through a carefully curated reading list? Take a thoughtful approach to your career development.

3. Companies have top graded their talent.

Employers who had to make tough decisions in the wake of the coronavirus often laid off under-performing employees or closed redundant departments. Now that they are ready to ramp back up, they will be selective about whom they are adding to the roster. If you have a record of proven success, you will have a competitive advantage over other candidates.

4. Experts are ready and willing to help.

Business was slow over the last few months for many staffing firms. The good news for you is that they have continued working with clients and candidates, supporting business continuity, and are still able to help you find the right job. Now is the perfect time to reach out. Find out who is hiring, ask them to critique your resume or practice your interview technique. They’ll be happy to help.

Looking for a better job? We would love to help. 

At The Panther Group, our recruiting team has built relationships with a wide range of employers, many ready to hire now. We can help you find opportunities that will get you closer to your goals. When you are ready to take the next step, contact us!

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