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Business Lessons We Learned From the Shutdown

The pandemic was a big surprise to most of us. Even when we prepare for emergencies, not too many people are ready for a catastrophe on this scale. But as we cautiously come out of the worst of the experience, it’s an excellent time to consider what we learned about how we do business and live our lives. What do we need to change, and what might have surprised us by working well?

What Has the Business Community Learned From the Shutdown?

Essential business has been redefined

If you had to list off essential businesses, you might first think of hospitals, grocery stores, and public services and utilities. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Add to that top three the many layers of product and services needed to support those businesses. For example, taking only hospitals, you need PPE and other equipment so healthcare professionals can perform their jobs safely, which makes the manufacturers who produce these items and the raw material required essential. Transportation and distribution for these products are also essential. Hospital staff will need to be fed, making restaurants or catering essential. While healthcare workers are on the job, someone needs to take care of their children or other family members, making daycare and eldercare more important than ever.

Plenty of work can be done remotely.

This may be one of the largest iterations in work to come out of the shutdown.  Companies who were able to make the change, switched their workforce to remote work, largely due to the variety of viable tech solutions. Many businesses survived and even thrived with employees working from laptops at home and conducting meetings over Zoom or Facetime. This is a boon to employers because they have a wider range of employees to choose from in terms of location and diversity. It can be especially valuable if you need individuals with skillsets rare in your area or want to hire a candidate who prefers the accommodations they can make from their home over those an employer can make.

We’re pretty resilient

Unfortunately, many people were pretty hard hit by the effects of the shutdown, but many were able to adapt and thrive. Restaurants were expected to go under, but many have flourished by offering takeout meals and even specialty drinks. Customers went out of their way to continue to support their local haunts as well as they could, even if stopping by for a drink or a nice meal was no longer an option. For the most part, businesses and individuals were only too happy to do their part to get back to business by wearing masks and socially distancing.

Are you ready to put what you’ve learned to the test? 

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