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With a Large Talent Pool Now Laid Off – Now Is the Time To Hire

While the pandemic-related shutdown has presented many disadvantages for businesses over the last few months, one of the upsides is that there may be more available talent. Some people were laid off as the economy slowed, others unhappy with their employer’s response to the crisis, may be ready to look for an employer that is a better fit. Here is how you can hire the best possible talent. 

Improve Pandemic Response 

One of the factors top candidates will consider as they look for new opportunities is how employers responded to the pandemic and recovery. Be prepared to answer questions about how you treated your employees through the worst of the outbreak. Did you shut down, or were you able to shift to remote work? Did you have to lay people off? Are you calling people back? If the business is considered essential, did you provide people with the resources they need to stay safe on the job? Discerning Job seekers will want to know. 

Make a Wish List 

Individuals who were once out of reach may now be available. Comb your records for the candidate who got away – your first choice for a position who did not accept your offer. Ask employees for references but also ask about people they interact with, such as customers or vendors who had to let people go. Don’t be shy about asking vendors and customers directly if they had to reluctantly lay off an employee they would like to help land a great new job. 

Diversity Commitment 

Now is the perfect time to reinvigorate your company’s commitment to diversity. It’s a win-win situation. A sound diversity policy will attract top candidates. Recruiting for diversity will give you a more extensive range of talent to choose from. To learn more about what diversity can bring to your business, visit The Panther Group diversity page. 

Sourcing technique 

One of the most effective ways to find people to add to your team is to partner with a staffing and recruitment firm. They know who is looking for work and where people are working or might be ready to make a move. A recruiter can prevent you from being overwhelmed by resumes from unqualified candidates by prescreening for you. 

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