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Diversity Recruitment Best-Practices For A New Era

Diversity Recruitment Best Practices for a New Era - The Panther Group

Whether your business has been engaged in diversity initiatives for a while or you’re just beginning to recognize the advantages of an inclusive workplace, you may wonder if you’re doing everything you can to build a diversity recruitment practice. A common occurrence is for employers to say they want to hire diversely but seem to attract all the same kinds of people. Examine your current process to see where you can improve.

Work on Branding

Look at your brand with an impartial eye. Examine images in your marketing materials. Do they accurately represent your workforce and culture or what you aspire for it to be? What is your reputation in the market or your industry? Do candidates from underrepresented populations feel welcome there or have a reason to? Consider what changes you can make to make your organization more appealing.

Build A Diversity Culture

Don’t change your branding without working on the actual substance of your culture. Welcome a wide range of ideas in the workplace. Don’t create dress or hair standards that are discriminatory to gender or race. If you celebrate religious holidays, celebrate them all, not just those of one religion. Network in the community to get to know people in your area and introduce them to your culture.

Join An Organization

Find networks in your community that promote diversity. Let them know that inclusion is a priority to you. Ask for their advice and for them to introduce you to people or other organizations that can help you reach your diversity goals. The National Minority Supplier Development Council is one such national organization that is likely to have chapters covering your area.

Ask For Referrals

If you have worked on your brand and culture, you should have a workplace that is reasonably diverse already. Ask your employees to refer friends or colleagues who will be a good fit for your organization and advance your inclusive culture.

Work With An Experienced Recruiter

Let your recruiter know that diversity is a priority to you in hiring. Recruiters serve you best when you are completely honest with them, so don’t hesitate to be open about your needs and goals. Consider working with a firm that is a minority business enterprise (MBE). They will have strategies to keep you on track.

The Panther Group Diversity Commitment

As a global company, Panther understands the importance of an inclusive workplace. We value the differences that each of our employees and clients brings and strive to make The Panther Group a better place to work for our team. Our commitment extends not only to those who work for our company, but also the vendors, suppliers, and service partners we choose to do business with.

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