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Were You Laid Off? Here Are A Few Ways To Land a Great Job Now

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The pandemic has hit people hard. Many professionals are out of work and scrambling to find their next job. But every obstacle brings opportunity. With the right approach, you just might come out of this pandemic better off than you went in. Here are a few smart approaches to try.

5 Ways To Land a New Job

1. Identify Growth Industries

Not all sectors are suffering in the recession. Many are thriving. If you are in IT or healthcare, chances are, you won’t have any trouble stepping into your next job, but in almost any field, you can repurpose your skills without making a full career switch. For example, suppose you are an accountant in a hard-hit sector such as hospitality or travel. In that case, you can just as easily leverage your accounting skills in the medical device or transportations industries which continue to grow.  You may need to just broaden your network to make the right connections.

2. Tell All Your Friends

In a down economy, employers are often reluctant to post jobs even when they do have an opening because they don’t want to be deluged by resumes, especially from those who are not qualified. Instead, they often turn to referrals, asking employees and those in their immediate network know they are looking for someone. Unless everyone knows you’re looking for work, they won’t be on the lookout for opportunities for you. Many employers offer referral bonuses, so you’re doing your friend a favor too.

3. Consider Temporary Employment

It’s understandable to want to get straight back to a permanent opportunity, but temporary or temp-to-hire roles have their place as well. You can try out a position that’s a little different from your previous employment or try something new with no commitment. It’s also a smart way to add to your network. New places mean new connections.

4. Build your skills

If your skills have grown stagnant or you want to add new ones to your resume, this is the perfect opportunity. Volunteer, take temporary positions, take online classes or just read a book. There have never been more resources for people willing to put in a little effort to educate themselves. It can put you in a frontrunner position for a job in your field or give you options if you’re interested in moving in a new direction.

5. Work With a Specialized Recruiter

Finding a new job in this economy is not for the faint of heart. Even if you find a position that seems like the right fit, how can you make sure you don’t end up at the bottom of a stack of resumes? A recruiter can help. They have connections with hiring managers who trust them to find the right people and can arrange an introduction. They can also advise you if a position is not likely to be a good fit.

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