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Developing Your Career Takes Time, Investment, and Precision

Developing Your Career Takes Time, Investment, and Precision - The Panther Group

Throughout the pandemic, many professionals have taken the time to think about their careers. With a little extra downtime, It was the perfect opportunity time to consider how their career is progressing and assess  if it is moving in the right direction. For many, that meant refocusing on career development.  

If you are one of the many individuals considering your professional development, you may wonder the best approach to take. Follow these steps for a thoughtful and productive approach. 

5 Essentials for Building Your Career

1. Assessment 

Where are you in relation to your career goals? Are you on track to reach them? If not, what steps do you need to take to shift that trajectory? Consider if you can reach your goals with your current company or if you will need to make a change. 

2. Comparison 

Examine the skills, qualities, and background of those successful in the type of role you would like to fill. What education and experience will you need to achieve the same? Consider reaching out to someone in your network at this level to discuss their career and ask for advice. They may have valid, actionable recommendations. However, do nodepend entirely by this input because someone from a previous generation may have had a different experience climbing the ladder. 

3. Skill Building 

Do you need to sharpen existing skills, or develop new ones entirely? If you need additional training, consider whether you can get that education with a simple online self-directed program or if you need to return to a university where you can get an advanced degree.  

4. Education 

The critical thing to remember is you are investing in your future. If you take a free online business course that can be taught by anyone – even someone with no credentials – it won’t have the same value as an MBA from an accredited university. 

5. Investment  

Take the time and money to educate yourself properly rather than taking shortcuts that will not pay off in the long run. Invest in specific degrees, certifications and coursework that will get you closer to your career goals. Don’t take a scattershot approach to career development. If there are classes you would like to take for your own interest, that’s fine, but don’t heavily invest in advanced education that may have no impact on your career development. 

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