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Work-Life Balance May Be Harder Than Ever to Achieve – Work-Life Integration May Be the New Normal

Work-Life-Integration, Not Work-Life-Balance - May Be the New Normal - The Panther Group

The key to finding work-balance is not just waiting it out when times are tough but making the best of the available time you have now. If you are working from home, you may have more job flexibility. That flexibility can have a downside. If you can work anytime, it’s tempting to work ALL the time. Make a schedule even if it’s just for your own use.

5 Ways To Balance Work and Your Personal Life in a Remote World

1. If you have an office with a door, close it at the end of the day

If not, create a shutdown ritual of your own, even if that is just shutting down your laptop and tidying your workspace. Some people have had success with taking a walk at the beginning and end of the day to create a commute that marks the beginning and end of the day.

2. Find new ways to manage stress

Even if you are back to working in the office – or are essential and never left – you may find many of your typical activities unavailable to you. If you can’t play basketball with the guys, stop at a bar with friends or attend a yoga class, what can you do to blow off steam after work? You’ll need to explore new options.

3. Create ways to achieve balance

There are many parts of your life to keep in balance—family, professional, physical, and spiritual, for example. Make time for each of these, but aim for fitting them in weekly, rather than daily. The balance you find also depends on your stage of life. If you have small children, family may be all-consuming. Go with the flow rather than stressing about fitting it all in. Take the kids for a walk for a bit of physical activity. Make time for meditation, or inspirational reading to nurture your mind.

4. Don’t neglect professional development

The pandemic has rocked us all back on our heels. Come out of this stronger by taking the time to reassess where you are professionally and how you would like your career to progress. Some professionals have been disappointed by their employer’s response to the pandemic. If your employer displayed a of empathy or unrealistic expectations, you may decide that’s no longer a place you want to work. If that’s the case, make time to look for new opportunities.

5. Explore career options

Look at job boards to investigate what is available. Get in touch with a recruiter or reach out to your network to let them know you are on the hunt for your next opportunity. Even if you are happy in your current role, this is the perfect time to improve yourself professionally by reading business or self-improvement books or taking online courses.

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