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2020 Is Behind Us – What Did It Tell Us About our Careers?

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For many of us, looking back on our 2020 personal and professional goals is mostly good for a laugh. Who could have guessed what 2020 had in store for us? If your goals were along the lines of “travel more” or “conduct more client meetings in person,” you may be feeling like a bit of a failure. Realistically, just surviving the year was an accomplishment. If you did so with your optimism and professional enthusiasm intact, even better. Here are just a few things we learned in2020.

5 Lessons 2020 Taught us About Work and Careers

Expect the Unexpected

While a global pandemic is on the extreme end of unexpected challenges that you can encounter, realistically, events come up weekly or even daily that can throw you off your game. The importance of resilience and flexibility in succeeding on the job and keeping your career on track has never been more evident.

You Can Do More With Less

Many of us abruptly switched to work from home with little or no notice. Those unaccustomed to remote work may not have had dedicated space or an ergonomic desk set up to work from. It was not uncommon to work on a laptop in a corner carved out of the main living space while wearing noise-canceling headphones. While not ideal, in a pinch, it got the job done. Are there other aspects of your job or career you can strip to the essentials?

Work/Life Balance is Critical

Work/Life Balance has been a topic for decades, but many employers just played lip service to the idea. Now that video communication has brought us into each other’s homes, we have been forced to be more realistic regarding what it takes to keep all the plates spinning. Just a year or two ago, a video went viral in which a child wandered into the room where his father was being interviewed on air. In 2020, similar situations became a daily reality. Also, many professionals take pride in dragging themselves to work, no matter how sick they are, with little regard for their coworkers. A key 2020 takeaway is stay home if you are sick.

Opportunities are Found in Unexpected Places

While some businesses floundered when the pandemic hit, others pivoted to meet needs as they developed. These are the businesses that continued to succeed. If a company manufactured clothing and shifted to PPE, chances are it thrived through adversity. The same goes for individuals. If there was one thing to learn this year it was the importance of breaking your professional experience down into transferable skills to make the most of them even when the economy is trending downward.

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