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How to Find Top Accounting and Finance Talent Amidst Economic Uncertainty

How to Find Top Accounting and Finance Talent Amidst Economic Uncertainty - The Panther Group

The economy is uneven right now. Some sectors are thriving, while others are suffering. No matter where you fit on this spectrum, you can’t afford to be without accounting and finance talent. The challenge is finding the best people for your organization and decide the best way to add them to your team. Consider these factors as you grow your team or replace employees who have left.

Looking for Top Accounting and Finance Talent?

Top candidates are prepared to work remotely

The good news is that many people in this specialty were already working from home long before the pandemic arose, making the transition seamless. The sudden upsurge in remote work also means you don’t need to limit your recruiting to driving distance to your building. You can recruit nationally or, in some cases, internationally. This provides a much larger talent base to recruit from and means you can maintain the highest of standards in selecting candidates for consideration.

Add flexibility to your team

Full-time permanent employees are not your only option. At a time when business growth is unpredictable, interim or contract-to-hire jobs give you the ability to scale teams as needed to take on new challenges or prevent stress on your full-time team, which can lead to burnout and attrition. It reduces the risk of over hiring or making a bad hire while providing agility in a time of economic uncertainty.

Don’t forget about retention

While adding to your accounting and finance team is essential, the factors that make it easier for you to recruit also gives your employees a wider range of opportunities. Highly skilled individuals are always in demand. While you are top skilling your workforce, so are other employers. Check-in with your employees to be sure they are engaged and happy in their jobs. Discuss whether a promotion or lateral move may be in the cards to achieve their career goals without moving to another organization.

Work with a specialized recruiter

Many accounting and finance professionals faced with sudden employment or simply looking for a new opportunity turned first to recruiting firms they knew they could trust to point in the right direction to find an employer who would appreciate their talents.

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