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Still Looking For A New Position? This is the Perfect Time To Partner with A Staffing Firm

Still Looking For A New Position? This is the Perfect Time To Partner with A Staffing Firm - The Panther Group

If you are seeking a new professional opportunity, you know what a challenging time it is. Some industries are suffering, while others are thriving. The economy and the job market have never been more unpredictable. The coronavirus has the business community in flux. Depending on the industry or location, companies may have employees working on site, remotely or both.

Also, with no national coronavirus health and safety mandates, it’s hard to predict how seriously individual companies are taking safety. It can make you hesitate to look for a new job. Even if you are not satisfied with your current situation professionally, you may be tempted to stay if they are encouraging you to work from home or following stringent safety protocols. If you take on a new job it’s hard to know what their processes and standards are. You may be uncomfortable taking a risk.

What’s It Like Working With a Staffing Firm?

Staffing Firms Can Help Keep You Safe

To begin with, staffing firms understand the importance of keeping candidates safe and healthy. They can perform phone screens and video interviews to minimize in-person contact. If you need to appear in the staffing firm’s office in person, chances are their standards will be much higher than the typical employer in terms of COVID-19 precautions. They can also prevent you from taking the unnecessary risk of going to an interview for an employer or opportunity unlikely to be the right fit. They can fill you in on which companies are handling the pandemic well and which are not, such as seamlessly working remotely or keeping their employees safe on the job.

Staffing Firms Are Experts In Identifying The Right Fit

They know who’s hiring – and who’s making the decisions. They often have long-established relationships with employers who will give them advanced notice on projected hires, not just current urgent openings. These jobs may never even be advertised publicly. They are compensated by the employer, so of course they will be loyal to them, but that also works in your favor. They won’t put you in a position that’s not right for you because that’s only going to make sure them look bad in the eyes of the employer. That also means it’s in their best interest that you make a great impression. They’ll give you tips on making a great impression in the interview and might even be able to share insider information such as interviewer pet peeves or the types of professional anecdotes you should share.

You Can Become Part Of Their Network

Whether you end up with an immediate opportunity or not, you’ve established a valuable relationship. Your staffing firm can reach out to you when a suitable position becomes available. You can refer your friends to them if a job is not the right job for you. And if one day, you’re the one doing the hiring, you’ve already got someone you trust to turn to.

Choose The Right Recruiter

Be sure the staffing partner you choose understands your industry or occupation. A designer can be someone who creates websites, fashion or a nicely appointed room. Your recruiter better know the difference when they’re speaking to you. Every specialty has its own languages, acronyms and standards. You don’t want to be in a position in which you must train your recruiter.

Take Advantage Of Your Options

When you work with a recruiter, they can offer you temporary, temp-to-hire or direct hire jobs. Whether you’re looking for more career flexibility, an opportunity to try a job before committing to it or

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