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How Has Finding A Job Changed in 2021?

How Has Finding A Job Changed in 2021? The Panther Group

As we begin to get back to normal or at least find a new equilibrium after the pandemic and recession of 2020, you’ll notice the job market has changed. There will be more remote positions available and a greater focus on safety among both employers and job candidates. Your search methods should take these changes into consideration if you want to be successful. Here’s how to set yourself apart. 

Video Presentation 

For the best chance of landing your ideal job, you’ll need to be able to present yourself well over video. Many companies are conducting at least preliminary interviews online and for some, video will continue to be a significant part of how they do business. You may know the technology, but many Zoom meetings over the last year were a bit informal. They were focused on getting work done under challenging circumstances. For interviews, the focus is on being professional and making a great impression. Practice with a friend to be sure you are coming across well and your background is appropriate.  

Social Presence 

Be sure your social accounts reflect the impression you want to give. Clean up your content to remove anything that could be offensive or controversial. Consider what that means in 2021. Being mindful of your online personal brand is essential.

Take Control of Your Brand 

While removing questionable items is a good start, proactively creating an online presence can take your professional appearance to the next level. Curate or create content that conforms to the impression you want to give to employers. Post items that demonstrate your thought leadership on relevant topics, or your writerly voice, if appropriate, can help you stand out from a stack of resumes. 

Shift your Network Online 

It may be a little while before people are comfortable exchanging business cards over cocktails or coffee. But there’s plenty of networking opportunity on the internet to connect with potential colleagues or employers. Follow companies you are interested in on social media. Join relevant professional groups like those available on LinkedIn. Don’t hesitate to ask for a zoom meeting with someone in your network.  

Search a Broader Geography 

Because of the increase in remote work, you may no longer be limited to a 30–60-minute commute in terms of where you work. You can extend your search regionally or even nationwide, increasing your chance of finding the ideal job.  

Focus On Results 

Because we had to adapt so much in the last year to get work done, many employers focused more on achieving results than worrying about how they got there. In your resume, cover letter and interview, stress the results you achieved and creative ways you found to reach your goals.  

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