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Training Your Team Effectively in 2021

Panther Training Your Team Effectively in 2021 The Panther Group

Like almost everything in our business and personal lives, training has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While signs point to a recovery that should have us back to a semi-normal way of doing business by late 2021, or early 2022, it’s wise to prepare for various scenarios. Many of the best practices developed over 2020 can be even more effective than training we had been previously using. Here’s what to remember to train your team effectively in 2021. 

Company Training Tips For 2021


This innovation was developed to accommodate shortening attention spans and the rising use of smartphones, but 2020 showed us other factors that made microlearning valuable. Focus is hard to come by when people were worried about illness, their families, and even their jobs. Remote work, which brings many advantages for both businesses and employees, makes conventional training methodologies difficult, if not impossible. Also, many remote workers’ attention was split between caring for family members and attempting to homeschool their children. They had to grab short periods of time whenever they could. The good news? Studies show that people retain information better when it’s delivered in small, manageable chunks. 

Customized Training 

People learn in different ways. One size-fits-all training is not the best way to get the most from your learning program. Offer a variety of training options for employees to choose from. A multimedia approach may be best. If training is offered on video, for example, also provide a transcript so employees can read the information instead of watching if that helps them learn and retain the material. 

Realistic Expectations 

As people get back into the workplace and normalcy returns, there is a temptation to pile on everything employees have missed in the interim. But people will be busy catching up or may be handling additional responsibilities. Don’t give them training requirements that are more than they can manage with their other work obligations or force them to study on their own time to keep up. 

Metrics And Follow Up 

Be sure that you are tracking what employees are learning and retaining. You wouldn’t be offering the training if it wasn’t a valuable addition to their career and ability to contribute to the organization. Regular assessments can reveal what may be missing or need to be reinforced with repeated sessions or revisited using another training type. 

Partner With The Panther Group  

Whether your team is continuing to work remotely, returning to the workplace, or never left, getting back to normal may take some time. That doesn’t mean training can wait. We just need to find more effective ways of keeping people up to speed and ready for what’s to come.  

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