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The 5 Skills You Need to Develop for the Future of Work

The 5 Skills You Need to Develop for the Future of Work The Panther Group

You’ve put time and effort into getting an education, building your skills, and gaining experience. If you’re a savvy professional, you are probably aware of the need to nurture the soft skills that make you a valued employee, such as communication skills, the ability to function as part of a team, and the ability to lead when called on. But what skills do you need to develop to future-proof your career? What will employers be looking for as they grow their companies? Consider these five skills that can help you land your dream job or win that coveted promotion. 

5 Skills To Help Your Career In The Future

1. Creativity 

For organizations to grow, they must innovate. That means thinking outside the box and imagining things most people don’t (or at least imagining them first). It’s the best way to uncover new markets, anticipate demand, and develop products. Technology, in particular, has made it necessary to get ahead of the curve or be left behind. Developing your creativity can give you an edge in the job market. You may think you are not creative if you are not artistic, but they are not the same. Scientists are every bit as creative as painters, even if their strength lies in inventing the lightbulb rather than creating the Mona Lisa. 

2. Flexibility 

One of the top capabilities employers look for is being able to adapt to whatever may come along. The people who thrived in 2020 were those who were able to quickly shift to working from home without missing a step or pivoting to new markets or products that served the changing economy. Change is a reality in every business. Employers want people who can roll with the punches, not someone who needs handholding to be persuaded along. 

3. Entrepreneurial Mindset 

Now and in the future, the best employees are the ones who take ownership of their part of the business. Taking pride in the company and keeping the organization’s best interests in mind while providing exceptional service to any internal or external customers can make you a significant asset. Approaching your job like you are the owner means constantly looking for additional revenue, process improvements, and organizational efficiencies. 

4. Problem-Solving Abilities 

Every business will have problems, many of them growing in complexity. In some fields, such as engineering or law, the ability to solve complex problems is a part of your everyday activity. But every job can be improved through problem-solving. Whether it’s a matter of developing strategies to resolve conflicts or coming up with a break-fix, it’s a skill worth nurturing. 

5. Interpersonal Skills 

Communication skills are a given as a high-priority soft skill, but interpersonal skills go beyond that baseline. It’s about the ability to communicate at all levels, from training a new hire to collaborating with a colleague to engaging effectively and meaningfully with all levels of management. If this is not a skill that comes naturally to you, it’s worth the effort to develop it. It can be as simple as reaching out even when you are uncomfortable to nurture your interpersonal skills. It will become easier with practice. 

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